Beware Of The Smart Phone Zombie!

These days it’s common for almost everyone to have a smart phone – young and old – hip or not. It’s just the way we stay connected. And why not?! Smart phones do so much more than the old analog phones that had buttons instead of the touchscreen, like navigating to a particular address, a google search, staying in touch on social media and so much more. And therein lies the problem.

As someone who’s been using phones since before the advent of the cell phone, I can tell you that never has there been a time like today when people spend so much time on their phones. Frankly, it is shocking and disturbing to me. It’s also phone zombie

You have probably observed what I’m talking about. You are strolling down the street and see 90% of the people around you staring at the phone in their hands; you are driving in traffic and glance over to see the guy passing you texting on his phone or you are trying to have a conversation with a friend who is having a conversation with someone else on their smart phone. It’s really gotten out of hand. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I’m in a zombie movie. And I have been the zombie myself at times.

We’ve got to have some collective discipline and stop being smart phone zombies!

Put it down when driving. Don’t text or interact with others on your cell phone when driving. You could be saving someone’s life, if not your own life.

Don’t be rude when having a conversation (YES, it’s rude). Put down your smart phone – that Facebook “like” can wait.

Don’t walk down the street continually focused on your phone – You may be walking into a moving car or another person!

Give yourself a break from your phone. More studies are now being conducted on smart phones causing brain damage from things like radiation. The more you use it, the more you put yourself at risk. Like Ben Franklin once said, “Everything in moderation.” heather texting death

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