Censorship of Social Media Continues: The #1 Way to Fight Back

Countless stories of individuals losing their social media account by suspension and revocation come up every day. This week I was exceptionally pissed off about the recent suspension of a famous You-tuber known as Hickok45. This man has about 1.8 million subscribers so I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed. After a short time the account was restored and the star of the channel made a short explanation video advising he had no explanation for what happened.hickock45


The reason I think the channel was restored this time is because so many of the subscribers and fans made their own videos complaining and waging new conspiracy theories. The big advantage Hickok45 has is that he has 1.8 million fans. If you are a normal social media person how will you defend yourself if you only have a handful of followers and are trying to get started?

My advice is simple: Make sure you establish yourself on as many platforms as possible and especially on competing platforms up to and including your own website. Google, Google Plus and YouTube are all owned by the same crowd. Facebook and Instagram are the same company as well. It should also be your understanding that all social media and the internet itself does not have your interest at heart. If you enter into the social media sphere it should be like being inserted into the matrix.   You are entering onto the territory of angry hostiles and it should be your goal to spread the good news. If you find yourself being kicked off of one social media outlet you should immediately notify your followers on all the other sites. This will prevent any unreasonable conspiracy theories and also help round up a defense force of other social media people who may make some posts in your defense.

Finally, be respectful. While I believe these social media outlets are secretly out to destroy freedom and privacy, they don’t belong to you. They are within their rights to make their own rules. Pushing the envelope is at your discretion and on your shoulders.

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