Snowden, Guantanamo Bay, Iraq And The U.S. Surveillance State

If you’ve never heard of Laura Poitras, you need to check her out. She’s one of the privacy soldiers who have been fighting in the trenches against the tyranny of what has become the United Surveillance of America. Her story is fascinating – she’s witnessed (and videoed) fighting in the Iraq war, played a vital role in the Edward Snowden story, created an Oscar winning film, and become a target of US Government surveillance.

She’s probably most famous for being involved in filming Edward Snowden as he fled the United States and re-established himself overseas. Her documentary, Citizenfour, won an Oscar and gave many a view of what it was like to be on the run after revealing many not-so-convenient truths, as Snowden did in his involvement with government information leaks.

my country documentary

In 2004, Ms. Poitras was in Iraq filming a documentary called “My Country, My Country”. During filming, she witnessed an ambush between US Soldiers and insurgents, in which she captured 8 minutes of audio and video. She says those 8 minutes of tape changed her life. She soon became the subject of heavy surveillance and tracking upon returning to the US. Her life was turned upside down.

In her latest offering, Ms. Poitras has written a book called “A Survival Guide for Living Under Total Surveillance”, to be released in late February 2016. With photos from Ai Weiwei, a biographical piece by Guantanamo detainee Lakhdar Boumediene and an essay by Snowden, it promises to be an instant classic amongst those who love truth and privacy.

Many of us like to think that as long as we are doing good, living a good life and following the rules, nothing bad can happen to us. But you are wrong if you believe this. No matter what you think of Ms. Poitras personally, or of Edward Snowden, their lives are good examples of what can happen when the government decides you are the enemy.

Read more about Ms. Poitras in this Wired article: truth

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