Company Tracked Phones Of Voters Attending Caucus

During a recent caucus event held in Iowa, Dstillery, an intelligence/data collecting company grabbed data from unsuspecting Iowa voters.

The company used location data to identify more than 16,000 devices at caucus locations across the state.

Never has privacy been such a concern in the United States, and we at privacy living are alarmed at not only the willingness of government and private sector to collect private data from citizens, but also, the complacency shown by those whose data has been taken. But not to worry; groups like Dstillery have promised to not use your data for nefarious purposes. You can trust them. Perhaps I’ll just start leaving my front door open and let anyone or anything in. After all, according to these guys, I’ve got nothing to worry about, right?! No Thanks. I’m not buying it.

Don’t be a victim! Protect yourself from data theft.

woman cell phone

Read More USA Today:

Read more about cell phone data tracking (anonymous):

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