Darknet, Dark Web & The Tor Browser

Have you ever wondered what the darknet or Dark Web are? They are the deepest, darkest places on the web. Places full of illicit activity, as well as good guys trying to stay private.

“Darknet sites are hosted on regular servers, but to access them you need special software, usually something that encrypts all users’ traffic and allows them relative anonymity. Get set up with the right technology and presto: You can see a second, parallel Internet.” -Wired

dark web hacker

There are some surprising things about the Dark Web. It’s been around for some time, at least since 2003. Tor, the encryption software and platform used in the Dark Web was actually developed by the US Government and is open source and free. And by some estimates, the vast majority of users of the Dark Web are law-abiding citizens who value their privacy.

One analogy that has been made regarding the Dark Web is comparing it to an iceberg. The top of the iceberg is the every day internet we use, such as Facebook, Google, YouTube and the like. But what’s under water is a much greater volume of information and activity – this is the Dark Web or Darknet.

deep web iceberg

More information regarding the Dark Web/Darknet:



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