What Apple, The FBI and Getting Hacked on a Plane Have in Common

A USA Today reporter who was using wi-fi internet service on a commercial flight recently had his laptop hacked mid-flight. What’s even weirder, the hacker, who was on the same flight with him during the hacking incident, stopped the reporter after the flight and said this:airplane hacker

““That’s how I [hacker] know you’re interested in the Apple story,” he continued. “Imagine if you had been doing a financial transaction. What if you were making a date to see a whore?” My [reporter] mind raced: What about my health records? My legal documents? My Facebook messages?”

We should all be concerned about our privacy. Technology is racing forward and light speed, and our government either doesn’t know how to deal with it or has decided to take advantage of us and make us give up our privacy.

USA Today article: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/columnist/2016/02/24/got-hacked-my-mac-while-writing-story/80844720/



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