A Grab and Go Reminder

In my book “Disappear in 24 Hours” available at http://howto.disappear24.com/ I mentioned the Grab and Go bag that you should always have on your person. To eliminate any confusion, this is not a bugout bag. This needs to be something you can run with and won’t look crazy when you carry it around during your daily life.

disappear in 24 hours

We now live in times where the collapse should have happened a long time ago. My inspiration for writing this came 2 days ago when a family member decided to get bent out of shape and tell me they are tired of hearing about gloom and doom that was supposed to happen 5 years ago. I happen to agree…we are 5 years overdue for the quickening in the United States. So continue with your life however you want but keep your grab and go bag with you at all times. This may be all you have when things go wrong. If you can’t get back to your home base for 48 hours you should be able to survive. I have listed what I have in my grab and go bag below. You can add or subtract as you feel but remember rule #1 with a grab and go bag is be able to run a mile with it.

  1. Bottle of water
  2. Multi-tool with a knife on it
  3. Cigarette lighter
  4. Granola bar
  5. Thin Poncho with Hood
  6. Gloves
  7. Sunshades
  8. I have a gun when it is legal

If I was short on time and had to pick the top 3 it would be water bottle, Poncho, and cigarette lighter. The water bottle is an absolute. Even if you don’t prepare yourself after reading this I will just advise you to grab some type of container on your way out the door. You will need hydration after making a quick escape and the adrenaline wears off.


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