Google Yourself – Are you Hard To Find?

For some time now I’ve been pondering how hard it would be for someone to find me by simply doing a Google search. I like to think that as a privacy advocate and one who is guarded about my personal information, I would be difficult to find. Google yourself now and you may be surprised by how much of a “footprint” your digital data leaves for a stranger to follow.island house rock

Recently, I was put to the test, so to speak. As a proud entrepreneur, I’ve been involved in several successful small enterprises in the past. One of those was an online business that I ceased operation after moving my family to a new city. Later, one of my past clients was apparently trying to contact me to access some information that I retained (he had lost his copy). The good news is that initially he had difficulty finding me.

As a side note, we at have developed several techniques that allow one to separate from the previous life (such as changing phone numbers, new address, etc., removing an online presence and much more complicated methods). We also wrote the book, so to speak, on disappearing. Read “How To Disappear in 24 Hours.”

However, these days it’s getting harder to remain anonymous and off the radar.

castle doors

Ultimately, my client did find me, sort of. Using an online subscription pay service (there are lots of them online), he was able to find a mailbox (not home address) that I occasionally check. This is a little how a “skip-tracer” works, and also how you destroy a sweater: Find the one loose thread and it can be the undoing of the sweater, and you. The good news is that I’m glad to help my client and he’s not a bad guy looking to harm me.

As a privacy advocate, I’m proud to say that it would take some much more sophisticated digging to find me. But it’s a lesson to all of us that your information is being cataloged online by organizations who will sell it to the highest bidder, whether it be your home address, phone number, business information and more.

If you think you might be in danger of being found or you work in an industry (such as law enforcement) where you make lots of enemies, consider reading “How To Disappear in 24 Hours.” You can also contact us for a consultation that is tailored to your situation.

In the 21st Century, your privacy is paramount!

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