As Worldwide Terrorism Explodes, Are You Prepared?

Terrorism, particularly related to Islamic Extremist ideals, is increasing exponentially worldwide. This week suicide bombers killed 34 people in Brussels, Belgium, the heart of Europe and NATO. Europe and many other parts of the world have opened the gates for immigrants from the Middle East (such as Syria), accepting millions displaced from their homelands. Unfortunately, with the good also come the bad, and there may be many more sleeper cells of terrorists waiting to come into action, like those who acted on Tuesday. No matter what the cause of the terrorism, it’s time for us to stand together and stop  terrorists and those who harbor them from entering into our borders.

According to The Associated Press, The Islamic State (IS) has trained at least 400 fighters to attack Europe. As we mourn those innocent people who died at the hands of cowardly terrorists, let us exponentially increase our resolve to stamp out this illness once and for all.don't mess with texas

Associated Press Article:

List of Terrorist Events that killed more than 100:

Note, there are more than 40 of these cowardly terrorist events that have occurred in the past 15 years!

Details of more recent terrorist attacks worldwide:


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