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Why You Are Not Safe on Facebook

Never consider yourself safe or your conversations or whereabouts private when using social media such as facebook. Just like your friends, your enemies too use facebook.

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Person of Interest: Conditioning Americans to Accept NSA Spying

I recently began watching a TV show called “Person of Interest”, starring Jim Caviezel. The premise of the show goes like this: what would you do if you had information about a crime before it happens? Would you step in and save the potential victims? Arrest the soon-to-be perpetrator?

It’s a great concept for television and presents moral and ethical dilemmas for the viewer to consider. For example, knowing the future, is it acceptable to spy on those who might consider committing a crime? And is using blanket email, phone and video feed spying acceptable if it leads to preventing one crime?

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Unfortunately, there are some serious issues with “Person of Interest”. The show is blatantly hypocritical when it comes to privacy and assumes that blanket spying on Americans (something the NSA has already been caught doing) is acceptable, when it is definitely illegal (see 4th Amendment to US Constitution). Caviezel plays “Reese”, a former CIA operative who is eager to hunt down bad guys and right their wrongs, no matter how violent things have to get. He is partnered with a wealthy, cutting-edge software engineer named “Finch” who designs a software program for the US Government that use data gathered by phone, email and video to determine who will commit crimes before they happen. By the way, in case you are not aware, the US Government is already collecting and caching your data courtesy of several government agencies including NSA in a program called PRISM. Finch and Reese team up to stop crimes before they occur using their special monitoring software which tells them when the next crime is likely to occur and involving whom.

Ironically, Finch, who designs software to spy on Americans, is extremely private about his personal life. He essentially lives in hiding, using aliases, burner phones, working at menial jobs to hide his true identity and more. And when Reese constantly attempts to find out more about his new partner, Finch becomes irritated and defensive at the very idea that he should give up some of his privacy. Actually, that’s hypocritical.

And of course it’s wrong for the writers and producers of the show to just assume that blanket spying on Americans is ok, as long as we might be able to solve a crime – totally unacceptable, last time I checked the 4th Amendment. But let’s get down to brass tacks here. The bigger issue is how “Person of Interest” is meant to condition the viewer to accept the tyrannical and Orwellian ideals that spying on Americans (in the name of justice and public safety) is ok. Attention zombies: just keep watching ESPN Sports Center and Dancing with the Stars; nothing to see here.

PRISM how data collected

The reality here is that in case you didn’t notice, Hollywood has been hijacked by propagandists within our own US Government. History is being re-written every time a new blockbuster movie and new tv series premieres. The most recent, glaring example that comes to mind is the Hollywood movie “Zero Dark Thirty”, which tells the tale of how Osama Bin Laden was supposedly assassinated by the US Military. I don’t think there’s any disputing the fact that US Military personnel descended on a real mission to capture or kill Bin Laden. The problem is that the mission doesn’t appear to be genuine and was probably just a PR stunt that even the soldiers involved weren’t aware that they were a part of. The full story hasn’t come out yet, but if you’ve looked into the conspiracies behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist plot, you know that Bin Laden and the Bush Family were documented to be business partners (Former President Bush was meeting with Bin Laden’s company in Washington DC the day of 9-11), and it’s unlikely that the US ever went after Bin Laden, given his past associations with the Bush’s and the CIA. Oddly enough, most of the members of the special military group (Seal Team 6) who were involved in the Bin Laden raid died mysteriously in a helicopter crash after the raid – convenient for a cover up, at best.

I have the utmost respect for those who serve in the military, especially those on elite teams that conduct extreme training and are expected to put their lives on the line for special operations at a moment’s notice. This is why stories like these anger me even more, knowing that these patriots were likely used like pawns in a sick psychological operation to mislead the American people at large – making us believe that the “boogie man” Bin Laden had been finally put down. Yet later we find out that Bin Laden was just a CIA operative working for the US. Each year that passes makes the post 9-11 period where the US began waging war on other nations like Iraq and Afghanistan look more and more ominous and wrong.

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda in movies and on television. Hollywood will mislead you and even the “mainstream” news these days can’t be trusted. Verify things for yourself. You have the power of the internet to look up and verify every movie and story that you hear on tv. Use the internet to your advantage. Don’t be sheep!


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Any Video Camera Can Be Accessed By Anyone At Anytime

Scientists have now revealed the technology which allows a hacker, law enforcement officer, stalker, or anyone else to access feeds to any video camera. Do you have cameras in your home? Someone could be watching you now. cam spy in home hacker

What is a Burner Phone? How Can it Help Me?

How do you securely communicate?
Many people are looking for an effective way to communicate without being monitored.  These people are not terrorists.  For the most part, they are normal people that value privacy.  Others may be government officials with information that needs to be sent quickly but in confidence.  Many more of these people are private business owners with a Million Dollar idea but are afraid the idea will be intercepted by unscrupulous business people or foreign governments.
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This is where the idea of the “Burner Phone” comes in.  A burner phone is one that is not attached to your name in any way and it can be effective in some scenarios.  On many occasions I have warned, however that due to facial recognition software on cameras, “phone pairing”, cell tower pinging, and voice recognition software this is not perfect.  The NSA, Chinese Government, and Russian Government are likely to know who you are and listen to you if they find you of interest.  Of course we know the NSA is listening and reading all the time, so you should know up front that you are most likely not going to skirt them.
The Purpose of a Burner Phone
Despite my warnings above, the burner phone does serve a purpose.  If you are trying to avoid anyone other than the above, you have a good chance of privacy.  A former spouse or lover, another employer, business competition and criminals out to get you can be thwarted with the proper use of a burner phone.
There are several ways to get a phone without having your name attached to it.  The easiest is to go to a gas station (check for cameras if you are very paranoid) or chain store that sells prepaid phones or phone cards.  You must use only cash if you wish to avoid a credit card trail.  I will eventually write a burner phone review of multiple brands, but for now let’s continue learning about the essentials.  A review of something you don’t know how to properly operate would be useless.
The Essentials of a Burner Phone
Unless you want to create a “burner email” don’t bother getting one with internet access.  This will just complicate things.  Secondly avoid a phone with a camera.  If there is no option then make sure you put black tape over the camera holes before you even turn it on.  Some have cameras and finger print ID in the screens so avoid screens if possible.  The simpler the better, because if you intend to protect your privacy you will destroy and trash this phone on a regular basis.  This means getting a new number and everything. So save some money and get a simple one.
The most important essential of a burner phone is a removable battery.  Phones can be remotely turned on and monitored, as well as pinged on the nearest cell tower.  This is why you should never use your burner phone at work or home, and when done the battery should be immediately removed until the next use (preferably at a busy intersection or shopping center away from places you frequent).  The last tip is almost as important as removing the battery.  You must never allow your burner phone to be on in the same area as your main phone.  You can easily be identified when the two signals are paired together.
Who are you talking to?
If you are talking to a person who has not bothered to use these tactics you can also be identified.  If you talk to someone a lot on your normal phone and then all of a sudden you call them from your burner phone, you can easily be found out.  Perhaps the wise thing to do, is to get 2 burner phones; one for you and the other for your business partner.  Talking itself is a problem.  This is why following procedure here can only be mostly successful.  Voice recognition software used by many governments and high-tech corporate thieves will identify you in less than 1 second.
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Hillary’s Ghost Address: How the Arkansas First Lady got Elected to be New York’s US Senator

This should be fun, since I usually don’t get to mix political dirt with the essentials of privacy but this story has it all!  After JFK Jr.’s unfortunate plane crash which effectively left the race for New York senator wide open in the year 1999, it was no surprise that the Clintons purchased a mansion in Chappaqua, New York.  The only obstacle standing in the way of the former Arkansas first lady’s New York senate seat was the requirement of New York residency.  That’s how Hillary became a US Senator for the state of New York with few credentials.  The word “shameless” comes to mind but I didn’t put this all together for entertainment.  You can get that reading a tabloid.

Creating the Illusion

The fun starts in late 2000 when the Clintons purchased another mansion in Washington D.C. on Whitehaven Street.  This seemed to be a good idea since Mrs. Clinton was a senator in Washington at the time.  However, this appears to be where she has actually lived for the past 16 years.  New York is still maintained as her home but she holds fund raisers, throws parties, and has important meetings at her real home on Whitehaven Street.  A February 2015 article from  The Hill entitled “Where does Hillary 2016 Begin? In This Washington Home” describes the situation beautifully.  I have it linked here  but this is my favorite quote from the article:

“Associates point out that the home is not a show-and-tell, museum-like house. There aren’t any grip-and-grin photos with heads of state or a wall of fame with A-listers.

Instead, there are personal touches, family photos, a Nelson Mandela coffee table book. The house’s butter-yellow color walls have been a personal favorite for Clinton, who has used the same hue in previous homes.

“It’s definitely the place where she feels most comfortable and the place where she tries to get people to feel most comfortable,” said one longtime Clinton ally who has visited the home a number of times over the years. “She uses it as a home, as an office, as a staging ground for important meetings, it’s all of those things.”

Make Your Own Ghost Address

Let’s just be honest here; Washington is her home.  However, holding the New York address has always created political advantages.  Genius in my opinion!  If you are asking my opinion about what I personally think of Mrs. Clinton, you won’t get it here, but her battle plan is Genius!  By owning the home in Washington, she is in close proximity to all the political action, and when on the campaign trail she can tell New Yorkers “I’m one of you”. hidden forest home waterfall

The main point I want to convey to you, the reader is that when you think things through you can create advantages for yourself.  Here in the privacy world we like to be left alone and not found.  You can easily create your own ghost address and take control of your privacy situation by taking a few easy steps.  For brevity, I will just tell you it does involve you moving, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move very far.  We offer consulting here at and we also sell the book “Disappear in 24 Hours” by Lonn E Wolfenstein for serious privacy seekers:

The elite are making moves to keep themselves on top.   You can do the same and do good things.

Read about how voter fraud was alleged in a small Texas town and how where you sleep at night and where you vote are linked:

Note: Creating ghost addresses can have numerous side effects or restrictions on how you live your life – such as your ability to vote where you desire or where you obtain your driver’s license. However, this is not a new or illicit concept; a ghost address is something the wealthy and elite have used for years.


When They Killed JFK, They Killed America

I wrote a blog recently about JFK and privacy entitled “Is Privacy Dead?”. I wrote it because I was recently watching a documentary about JFK and I began to see how things have changed in our political system since the 1960s. Things have gotten MUCH worse in my opinion.

Yesterday this piece was authored by the Great Paul Craig Robertson on regarding the ideals of JFK, particularly his desire to have government be more transparent and to have integrity. Mr. Roberts knows a thing or two about the JFK Administration: he was a part of it.

“In the JFK administration I was a White House Fellow. In those days it was a much larger program than the small insider program it later became. President Kennedy’s intention was to involve many young Americans in government in order to keep idealism alive as a counter to the material interests of lobby groups. I don’t know if the program still exists. If it does, the idealism that was its purpose is long gone.

All I can say is that my mind must be connecting to a greater consciousness, and I’m not the only one out there who pines for a leader like JFK. They killed America when JFK died, but they didn’t kill the great spirit that he stirred in us, and his voice and ideals are still alive in all of us patriots.

You Can’t Hide From The Police If They Have Stingray Tracking Device

Recently, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Police Department had to admit in court that they had used a Stingray to track a suspect prior to his arrest and jailing. – What many would say is a blatant violation of the 4th Amendment.

american flag camera spying

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides, “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

The ultimate goal of this provision is to protect people’s right to privacy and freedom from arbitrary governmental intrusions.  Private intrusions not acting in the color of governmental authority are exempted from the Fourth Amendment. – Cornell University Law Online.

“Thanks to EFF and the ACLU, the government has finally admitted it secretly used a Stingray to locate a defendant in a Wisconsin criminal case, United States v. Damian Patrick. Amazingly, the government didn’t disclose this fact to the defendant—or the court—until we raised it in anamicus brief we filed in the case.”
As we wrote in a previous article on Stingrays and ISIS, aka cell-site simulators, act as a fake cell-phone tower. They can provide an exact location of where a particular cell phone is located without the user knowing.

“Stingrays are especially pernicious surveillance tools because they collect information on every single phone in a given area—not just the suspect’s phone—this means they allow the police to conduct indiscriminate, dragnet searches—in some cases on up to 10,000 phones at one time. They are also able to locate people inside traditionally-protected private spaces like homes, doctors’ offices, or places of worship and can be configured to capture the content of communications.”

Read more at Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF):

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Safety Warning: Target Bathroom Policy is a Privacy Issue

For those of us who have ever been tailed by private I’s, pesky journalists or foreign “diplomats” sometimes a bathroom stall is an escape option if that individual is of the opposite sex.  I happen to personally disagree with Target’s decision to make private facilities available to any sex but the loss of an escape route is what I want to discuss here.  Lets step outside of the argument over right and wrong in sexual desires and discuss how this relates to privacy alone.  The restroom is a private (sometimes soundproof and quiet) place and a lot can happen there.
All they can do is file a report after the damage is done.
transgender bathroom target
There are many scenarios that can go very bad just because of the confusion Target is causing here.  My first thought is the issue of child predators that could dress as a woman and enter the women’s restroom at target and use it as a hunting ground but that is already reported in other articles.  How about this scenario:  Since it will be ok for men and women to go into the Target restroom, it is a great place for sexual hook ups.  When a person walks into the restroom and hears a woman screaming in the bathroom stall she could be getting raped, murdered, or just be having a good time.  Nobody will know.  Entering a bathroom stall to break this up would be an invasion of privacy if the latter is going on.  So now when a person enters a Target restroom they never know what danger lurks.  This is guaranteed to happen.  There is nothing security can do to stop it.  All they can do is file a report after the damage is done.
Don’t go into a Target restroom unless you want to compromise your privacy and safety.
People are going to be robbed in Target restrooms, at a minimum and I am advising you to stay out of Target stores in my opinion.  Any person who desires privacy and desires to set themselves up for success will not walk into a trap like this.  Lots of stores sell the same items that Target sells and it would be safer to go to those stores.  Life is dangerous but we can all cut our losses by making sound safety and privacy decisions.  We stay out of neighborhoods known for drugs and crime, we drive reasonably, and we don’t share our internet passwords with strangers because deviations just make life more dangerous.  This bathroom issue is the same.  Don’t go into a Target restroom unless you want to compromise your privacy and safety.
Just being a man is not good enough to think that you will be immune to this either.  As I mentioned in the first line, if you are being followed by a woman, it would be just as easy for her to go into the men’s restroom with you and monitor you, or kill you.  There are women out there that are specially trained to fight men and they can and they will win in many cases.  The “weaker sex” argument is just weak!  Don’t fool yourself.
transgender bathroom tranny
Now you can Boycott Target
If you think I am alone in my thinking you should check out  They have started a boycott of Target that is now at 1.2 million signatures.  If you would like to sign up go here:

Is Privacy Dead?

Do you believe that privacy is dead? Many people cite September 11, 2001 as the day privacy died, since so much legislation that guts personal privacy has been enacted in the US since 9/11, such as NDAA, The Patriot Act, Patriot Act II, MPAA and others. But perhaps the real war on privacy began much earlier, specifically November 22, 1963 – The day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Not to get deep in conspiracy theories here, but it’s clear that a large percentage of Americans (81% according to Gallup Poll) do not buy into the official story of a lone gunman. Recall that Lee H. Oswald, a military veteran, who worked in a building near where the assassination occurred in Dallas was fingered as the lone gunman for the crime just hours after it happened. Of course he was unable to have his day in court because he was shot and killed shortly after the event by Jack Ruby, who died approximately 3 years later. Jack Ruby is a bit of an enigma as well, and too complicated and convoluted to write about in a short blog.

death of privacy

The Kennedy assassination was a watershed moment in American history because it was an event where, in our opinion, corruption got the upper hand in American Government and Politics. A great statement was made with just a few gunshots, despite the fact that no words were spoken. The statement was this: as an American Statesman, you will play ball with those in power behind the scenes, or you will be killed.

Fast forward to the year 2016. The public is being mislead and propagandized like never before. For example, the FBI recently took to grandstanding, declaring that they needed help getting information from a terrorist’s encrypted phone. However, it has come to light now that they could easily gain access to his phone and didn’t need help. So what was their motive for trying to get a court to grant them access to the phone? Whatever the answer is, it is unsettling and sneaky at best. And our privacy rights suffer. But what’s even more disturbing is that apparently most Americans sided with the FBI. They probably also believed the story that was told in the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” – You know, the movie about a bunch of SEALS that launch a strike against Osama Bin Laden. Of course, not long after the supposed strike, much of the same SEAL team involved in the Zero Dark Thirty Mission were killed in a helicopter that was mysteriously shot down. Seeing the pattern here? Tyranny and privacy go hand in hand.

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