Safety Warning: Target Bathroom Policy is a Privacy Issue

For those of us who have ever been tailed by private I’s, pesky journalists or foreign “diplomats” sometimes a bathroom stall is an escape option if that individual is of the opposite sex.  I happen to personally disagree with Target’s decision to make private facilities available to any sex but the loss of an escape route is what I want to discuss here.  Lets step outside of the argument over right and wrong in sexual desires and discuss how this relates to privacy alone.  The restroom is a private (sometimes soundproof and quiet) place and a lot can happen there.
All they can do is file a report after the damage is done.
transgender bathroom target
There are many scenarios that can go very bad just because of the confusion Target is causing here.  My first thought is the issue of child predators that could dress as a woman and enter the women’s restroom at target and use it as a hunting ground but that is already reported in other articles.  How about this scenario:  Since it will be ok for men and women to go into the Target restroom, it is a great place for sexual hook ups.  When a person walks into the restroom and hears a woman screaming in the bathroom stall she could be getting raped, murdered, or just be having a good time.  Nobody will know.  Entering a bathroom stall to break this up would be an invasion of privacy if the latter is going on.  So now when a person enters a Target restroom they never know what danger lurks.  This is guaranteed to happen.  There is nothing security can do to stop it.  All they can do is file a report after the damage is done.
Don’t go into a Target restroom unless you want to compromise your privacy and safety.
People are going to be robbed in Target restrooms, at a minimum and I am advising you to stay out of Target stores in my opinion.  Any person who desires privacy and desires to set themselves up for success will not walk into a trap like this.  Lots of stores sell the same items that Target sells and it would be safer to go to those stores.  Life is dangerous but we can all cut our losses by making sound safety and privacy decisions.  We stay out of neighborhoods known for drugs and crime, we drive reasonably, and we don’t share our internet passwords with strangers because deviations just make life more dangerous.  This bathroom issue is the same.  Don’t go into a Target restroom unless you want to compromise your privacy and safety.
Just being a man is not good enough to think that you will be immune to this either.  As I mentioned in the first line, if you are being followed by a woman, it would be just as easy for her to go into the men’s restroom with you and monitor you, or kill you.  There are women out there that are specially trained to fight men and they can and they will win in many cases.  The “weaker sex” argument is just weak!  Don’t fool yourself.
transgender bathroom tranny
Now you can Boycott Target
If you think I am alone in my thinking you should check out  They have started a boycott of Target that is now at 1.2 million signatures.  If you would like to sign up go here:

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