Person of Interest: Conditioning Americans to Accept NSA Spying

I recently began watching a TV show called “Person of Interest”, starring Jim Caviezel. The premise of the show goes like this: what would you do if you had information about a crime before it happens? Would you step in and save the potential victims? Arrest the soon-to-be perpetrator?

It’s a great concept for television and presents moral and ethical dilemmas for the viewer to consider. For example, knowing the future, is it acceptable to spy on those who might consider committing a crime? And is using blanket email, phone and video feed spying acceptable if it leads to preventing one crime?

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Unfortunately, there are some serious issues with “Person of Interest”. The show is blatantly hypocritical when it comes to privacy and assumes that blanket spying on Americans (something the NSA has already been caught doing) is acceptable, when it is definitely illegal (see 4th Amendment to US Constitution). Caviezel plays “Reese”, a former CIA operative who is eager to hunt down bad guys and right their wrongs, no matter how violent things have to get. He is partnered with a wealthy, cutting-edge software engineer named “Finch” who designs a software program for the US Government that use data gathered by phone, email and video to determine who will commit crimes before they happen. By the way, in case you are not aware, the US Government is already collecting and caching your data courtesy of several government agencies including NSA in a program called PRISM. Finch and Reese team up to stop crimes before they occur using their special monitoring software which tells them when the next crime is likely to occur and involving whom.

Ironically, Finch, who designs software to spy on Americans, is extremely private about his personal life. He essentially lives in hiding, using aliases, burner phones, working at menial jobs to hide his true identity and more. And when Reese constantly attempts to find out more about his new partner, Finch becomes irritated and defensive at the very idea that he should give up some of his privacy. Actually, that’s hypocritical.

And of course it’s wrong for the writers and producers of the show to just assume that blanket spying on Americans is ok, as long as we might be able to solve a crime – totally unacceptable, last time I checked the 4th Amendment. But let’s get down to brass tacks here. The bigger issue is how “Person of Interest” is meant to condition the viewer to accept the tyrannical and Orwellian ideals that spying on Americans (in the name of justice and public safety) is ok. Attention zombies: just keep watching ESPN Sports Center and Dancing with the Stars; nothing to see here.

PRISM how data collected

The reality here is that in case you didn’t notice, Hollywood has been hijacked by propagandists within our own US Government. History is being re-written every time a new blockbuster movie and new tv series premieres. The most recent, glaring example that comes to mind is the Hollywood movie “Zero Dark Thirty”, which tells the tale of how Osama Bin Laden was supposedly assassinated by the US Military. I don’t think there’s any disputing the fact that US Military personnel descended on a real mission to capture or kill Bin Laden. The problem is that the mission doesn’t appear to be genuine and was probably just a PR stunt that even the soldiers involved weren’t aware that they were a part of. The full story hasn’t come out yet, but if you’ve looked into the conspiracies behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist plot, you know that Bin Laden and the Bush Family were documented to be business partners (Former President Bush was meeting with Bin Laden’s company in Washington DC the day of 9-11), and it’s unlikely that the US ever went after Bin Laden, given his past associations with the Bush’s and the CIA. Oddly enough, most of the members of the special military group (Seal Team 6) who were involved in the Bin Laden raid died mysteriously in a helicopter crash after the raid – convenient for a cover up, at best.

I have the utmost respect for those who serve in the military, especially those on elite teams that conduct extreme training and are expected to put their lives on the line for special operations at a moment’s notice. This is why stories like these anger me even more, knowing that these patriots were likely used like pawns in a sick psychological operation to mislead the American people at large – making us believe that the “boogie man” Bin Laden had been finally put down. Yet later we find out that Bin Laden was just a CIA operative working for the US. Each year that passes makes the post 9-11 period where the US began waging war on other nations like Iraq and Afghanistan look more and more ominous and wrong.

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda in movies and on television. Hollywood will mislead you and even the “mainstream” news these days can’t be trusted. Verify things for yourself. You have the power of the internet to look up and verify every movie and story that you hear on tv. Use the internet to your advantage. Don’t be sheep!


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