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The Police Are At My Door; What Should I Do?

A big portion of being effective with your privacy is knowing the law. I don’t mean bending the rules or breaking the law – I mean knowing your rights and being able to exercise them to your advantage, including not incriminating yourself (which is easy to do these days). As much as we appreciate the good cops who protect us, we must prepare ourselves for that one guy who wants to operate outside of the lines and make an easy “collar” or arrest, without regards to privacy or your rights. So what do you do when the police come to your door? Here are some really helpful links from legal experts. The answer may surprise you.

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Flex Your Rights Website:

Criminal Defense Expert Says “Don’t Talk To Police”!

How to Prevent a Code Enforcement Raid on Your Home Business

One of the joys of living a private lifestyle is checking out of the world that all the other walking corpses choose to live in.  No matter where you are in your quest for privacy, it has probably come to your attention that financing the private life you dream of has a few government stumbling blocks standing in your way.   Many of the readers of this blog have asked questions about how to deal with City and other municipal code enforcement officers when their business is put on hold or shut down on their own property due to an obscure law or “rule”.  Here’s a little guidance for you:

code enforcement officer

Code Enforcement Officer

Code Enforcement Tactics

First of all, I have to tell you that these guys are working under a totally different set of rules and have a mindset the exact opposite of you.  Things that seem reasonable to you as a property owner are not understood by code enforcement officers because they are under the impression that they are the actual owners of your property.  They operate much like the German Gestapo or the Cold War KGB in communist Russia.  If they think there might be a problem on your property, they will just enter without any notice or any type of warrant.  Believe me; this is all unfortunately true, right here in America!

Protecting Your Home Business

  1. If you have a home business the first best thing you can do is research from a friend’s computer in another town.  Find out if what you want to do in your particular jurisdiction is legal to run out of your house.  If you go to the city office and ask they will begin watching you (trust me I know they will).  If you look this up from the computer in your home there is also a good chance you will begin being watched.  Never underestimate these people.  They not only want your money, but they also seem to have a love for making people suffer.
  2. Once you find out the legality of the business, you will have to choose if you want to pull a permit. Getting a permit can actually be a way of telling on yourself.  If they feel like you have already been running the business they may want some back pay and by getting the permit you give them jurisdiction (at least in their mind) to enter your property for inspections.  On these inspections they will find violations to their own list of rules and fine you for those.  This all will be coming out of your family’s income.
  3. Once you have chosen to operate under the radar, just remember that they will be watching and trying to surprise attack you. Most likely the raid will come in the form of a dork with a badge driving a smart car, but there have been occasions where agents with guns drawn have entered businesses.  My example would be the armed raids on farmers selling milk.  Here is a video:

An ounce of Prevention

Once you are busted, there will be a huge legal battle and you may lose, so I suggest reading yourself to sleep every night or saving some of your profit for a legal fund.  In the meantime here are some ideas to help you avoid or at least postpone a Code Enforcement raid of your property:

  1. Do business after hours and on weekends if possible. Unless you are of particular interest to them you should be free to operate because most of them are the 9 to 5 type.  If you have items you put on display wait until after 5pm on week days and on weekends make sure you have gathered up everything before Monday morning hits.  However, beware that some municipalities will have a yard sale patrol on Saturdays.
  2. Keep controversial items out of site. If you can keep them in the garage or house that’s great but at least cover them with a tarp.  Many times there will be a law that all vehicles have to be tagged/inspected or be in working condition.  Keep them hidden.
  3. If you want your business to run smooth, try to make it look like you are compliant on every other aspect. A junky yard will attract attention.  Keep grass cut short and minimize any obvious hazards.
  4. Keep on good terms with your neighbors. These are the people who will call in on you.  People are weird.  Don’t hurt their feelings or cause problems with them if possible.
  5. If you are able to operate your business based off of appointments only that is best. This way you know who is coming to your house.  Even better, would be to meet the person somewhere like McDonalds.  If you don’t trust them try to meet them outside of the jurisdiction you live in.
  6. Always operate your business with a burner phone. If you have questions about this read my blog on burner phones.

Physical Protection

If Code Enforcement decides to get nasty with you, it is important that you create some physical barriers in order to protect yourself.  Remember, they may have guns, so don’t try to fight them.  It is my suggestion that if the officer actually makes contact with you then you should cooperate and fight it out in court.  There is no need in getting shot or creating more charges for yourself.  But here are a couple of things you can do to avoid encountering them at all:

  1. Build a fence. You may actually have to get a permit for this fence but it will be worth it.  Build it in as much of an inaccessible way as possible.  You want to make it where someone has to work to get in.  You also want it to block visibility as much as possible.
  2. Get some shrubs or other vegetation around your property. I like the kind that hurt (Cactus and yucca are among my favorites).
  3. Get some dogs. If you get the dogs and put up “Beware of Dog” signs, most people won’t come on your property.
  4. Get some cameras. If you are mild mannered this will work to your advantage if there ever is an encounter on your property.  All the evidence will be there.  If the cameras are in plain view it will also discourage “Boss Hogg” tactics.
  5. Most important of all: Do not answer the door. They are not knocking to say hi or because they are interested in your business.  It is just about a guaranteed invitation to jail, court or both.  Just stay inside until they leave.  It could save you thousands of dollars.



Alleged Terrorist Caught at US Border With Pipeline Plans

This week, the US Border Patrol captured more potential terrorists near the US/Mexico border. The FBI and US Border Patrol are investigating the incident…

Police in a U.S. town bordering Mexico have apprehended an undocumented, Middle Eastern woman in possession of the region’s gas pipeline plans, law enforcement sources tell Judicial Watch. Authorities describe the woman as an “Islamic refugee” pulled over during a traffic stop by a deputy sheriff in Luna County, New Mexico which shares a 54-mile border with Mexico. County authorities alerted the U.S. Border Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) has been deployed to the area to investigate, sources with firsthand knowledge of the probe confirm.- Judicial Watch Article

If you think that all of us here in America are safe, it’s time to wake up and smell the terrorism. It’s in our backyard already and we all need to take measures to protect ourselves. The time for burying our heads in the sand and hoping for the best is over.


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Net 10 Wireless Burner Phone Review

I am in the process of experimenting and reviewing the different phone services available that can be used for burner phones.  Over the next few months I hope to bring you the inside story on all the phones that I personally experiment with and use in the privacy field when it really matters.  Today I’m sharing my experience with Net 10 Wireless. 10 wireless phone burner

If you have any questions about the frame work and necessities of a burner phone I recommend you read the blog I wrote called “What is a Burner Phone? How Can it Help Me?”

I initially spent around $70 at a dollar store buying a ZTE smart phone and a Net 10 phone card that would give me 1000 minutes.  (I like the ZTE because to me it seems easy to navigate and the price is usually reasonable on the ones with the small screen.  I just hate spending a lot of money on a phone that I know is going to end up in the bottom of a swamp soon.)  However, this is strike one for Net 10 because it turns out that the 1000 minute phone card was not “compatible”.

How Did I Figure Out Compatibility?

Here comes strike 2.  The way you activate the Net 10 plan is by either logging into a website or entering a code on the back of the phone card or by calling a 1-800 number and doing the same.  The problem is the phone is not active when you get it.  So you have to either use a separate computer or phone to activate the account.  Since I think Waffle House is the last place on the planet that actually has payphones in its parking lot anymore, and I was nowhere near a Waffle House, I had to use the laptop computer of a trusted source in order to attempt to activate the account.  That unfortunately created a link between my friend and my burner phone.  This is no good.  All Net 10 Wireless would have to do is create 611 access on all of their phones prior to activation and this way a new purchaser could use the actual burner phone to activate that specific phone without establishing a trail.

I then had to use one of my old burner phones to make contact with customer service and find out why my phone card was not compatible. (Yet, another trail leading to a phone that may or may not be mine. Not good)  As it turns out, they don’t do a minute plan for smart phones and I was required to buy another unlimited phone card for $50 more.  Then I was able to return to another computer (another trail) and activate my phone.

The next problem came when my internet service was not working at all.  This forced me to call 611 and speak to customer service. (This of course leaves an opportunity for someone to trace my voice).  Customer service at Net 10 Wireless was excellent and I give them a good grade for their technical support.  The only problem is that this again, was not necessary and my internet should have been active from the day I activated the phone.  If I had been in a jam I wouldn’t have had the time to sort this out and it could have ruined an entire operation.

There is one last problem.  I was smart enough to make the call from a very busy intersection next to an interstate highway and another major highway but for some reason they needed my address to remotely work on the phone.  I didn’t find it suspicious at the time because this is just an experiment.  But how scared I would have been if I was in the middle of something big and I had to risk my safety so that my internet could be repaired.

Some of the issues I had could have been prevented and If I were to start over right now, I believe I could get the same phone to be anonymous but it would still require some creativity.  Just remember that with Net 10 you can use a friend’s computer or phone to activate it and as long as that friend doesn’t crack under interrogation, then you have a good anonymous burner phone.  If you don’t think that is possible then maybe Net 10 is not for you.  As far as using the web, I can’t say if that was business as usual for them or if you won’t have any problems.

I give Net 10 Wireless a grade of C+ because even in the conditions I described here, it will still shield you from most trouble.  There are a few things they could do better but I am glad there are companies out there like Net 10 that don’t involve giving a name and address.

Where Do You Store Gold If You Don’t Trust The Bank?

Is Texas building a private gold repository? It may be in the works already….

“Texans as a group are some of the largest gold buyers in the world,” said Saab, chief operating officer of the company. “The only options they have to store it right now are in a bank or their home.”

Saab’s company, one of many interested in being involved with the state’s plan to create a depository, proposes building a potentially $20 million facility — with no Texas tax dollars — on 40 acres of land it has in Shiner, about 250 miles south of Fort Worth.

Plans for such a depository, where Texans could store their gold and precious metals, have been in the works since state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Southlake, asked lawmakers to create the facility last year.

Under the new Texas law, the comptroller’s office is working to create the state’s first bullion depository — which could hold deposits of gold and other precious metals from financial institutions, cities, school districts, businesses, individuals and countries — at a location yet to be determined.

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How to Create False Readings on Metal Detectors

Imagine you have an emergency and have to leave town or a medical emergency and have to go to the hospital.  What if some jerk with a metal detector gets the idea to search your yard while you and your family are preoccupied and out of contact??

First of all don’t bury your treasures anywhere a novice (or professional for that matter) metal detector operator can get to them.  Hobbyists and others looking for something totally different all the time find rich caches just by accident.  So don’t think you are wise by burying something in your yard.

The point here is to give these creeps a run for their money if they want to trespass on your land and try to steal.  My advice here is simple.  You should give them something to do.  At random times you should be burying a can or two in your yard.  Just vary the locations and if you have a spot you think a treasure hunter may be looking put a can there.  Everybody should have cans that they have after eating canned goods but you can also change things up a bit by using random pieces of metal like a short piece of pipe or a jar full of nuts and bolts.  The more random things you use, the more it will confuse sophisticated metal detectors that will sometimes indicate what lies beneath the surface.

metal detecting guy

For those experienced, sophisticated detectors that may even have sonar detection abilities, you may want to try filling your cans with different types of junk.  Perhaps you could fill one can with something that would resemble coins or a weapon.  This will get them all excited and they will waste their time digging up the junk!  Meanwhile they will get nothing and you will get all the laughs!!!

A Story About Why This Girl Went Into Hiding

An Ivy League College Girl who is from a good home and is an “A” student suddenly decides she wants off the grid. She stops talking to friends, cleans out her bank account, sells all her possessions and checks out of society. But why? There’s a growing group of individuals who have begun to realize that the western society we’ve created with it’s complicated nature of corporate jobs, traffic, bills, social media, illness and other factors may be more harmful than good.

Unfortunately it appears that our society has become so filled with everyday stress, expectation and now spying (such as phone, drone and social media) that people are deciding not to participate in the dystopian, Matrix-like future we’ve created for ourselves. People are tired of being spied upon, tired of tolerating micro-managers and corporate policies, tired of fighting for less and less money, tired of owing the bankers, tired of having less and less privacy in their home and tired of conforming to the wills of the tyrants who run our governments.

Will you take the red pill or the blue one? Morpheus is waiting…

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Also, if you haven’t checked out our book called Disappear in 24 Hours, you should check it out!

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