How to Create False Readings on Metal Detectors

Imagine you have an emergency and have to leave town or a medical emergency and have to go to the hospital.  What if some jerk with a metal detector gets the idea to search your yard while you and your family are preoccupied and out of contact??

First of all don’t bury your treasures anywhere a novice (or professional for that matter) metal detector operator can get to them.  Hobbyists and others looking for something totally different all the time find rich caches just by accident.  So don’t think you are wise by burying something in your yard.

The point here is to give these creeps a run for their money if they want to trespass on your land and try to steal.  My advice here is simple.  You should give them something to do.  At random times you should be burying a can or two in your yard.  Just vary the locations and if you have a spot you think a treasure hunter may be looking put a can there.  Everybody should have cans that they have after eating canned goods but you can also change things up a bit by using random pieces of metal like a short piece of pipe or a jar full of nuts and bolts.  The more random things you use, the more it will confuse sophisticated metal detectors that will sometimes indicate what lies beneath the surface.

metal detecting guy

For those experienced, sophisticated detectors that may even have sonar detection abilities, you may want to try filling your cans with different types of junk.  Perhaps you could fill one can with something that would resemble coins or a weapon.  This will get them all excited and they will waste their time digging up the junk!  Meanwhile they will get nothing and you will get all the laughs!!!

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