What is the First Step to Disappearing?

If disappearing has never crossed your mind I have to suggest that you may be slightly unprepared.  All it takes is an unfortunate chain of events and any of us would be better off out of site and off the grid.  So for those just now considering disappearing:  Good job!  And for those already deep in the process: Keep digging because as you know, one missed detail can bring you down.disappear in 24 hours

The very first and most important step in disappearing is simple planning.  If I snapped my fingers right now and you had to either disappear immediately or die, which would it be?  If you are having trouble here then you obviously haven’t planned.  Don’t feel bad; I have had many clients proudly look me in the eye and tell me their ill-gotten plans to disappear only for me to have to rain on the parade and tell them just how wrong they are. If you are serious about putting together a plan we at privacy living have helped many people vanish into thin air, and of course you can get the step by step plan I have written called “Disappear in 24 Hours”  http://howto.disappear24.com/  if you are on a budget.  However, the day that you have a very short period of time to disappear is planned starting right now.  So many things can go wrong in the heat of the moment that you just won’t be able to think.  Start some sort of plan now.  DON’T PROCRASTINATE!

For those of you that came here for more than a pep talk, let me tell you what the first step to disappearing is if you happen to be reading this on that fateful day and you are out of time.  It is simple: divest yourself of all electronics immediately.  This is especially directed at phones, but cars and many forms of identification are to be left in the dust.  Anything with a signal to transmit or receive (including RFID chipped items) must be separated from you.

Good luck disappearing, and without shamelessly plugging myself too much, I believe it is imperative that you read the book.  Get it now while you can http://howto.disappear24.com/

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