Month: August 2016

The Police May Be Tracking You and Your Phone

Recently a friend told me a story of a first hand account of police knocking on his door at 3 am looking for another person.  He was completely caught off guard and terrified for the first few minutes of them banging on his door because he thought he was being robbed (they did NOT identify themselves as police). This is a fair assumption if you wake up in the middle of the night and someone is ringing your door bell and banging on your door. Burglars frequently do this to determine if someone is at home or not – after all, they typically don’t want to hassle with homeowners in the middle of stealing all of your possessions.

Now before I get to the rest of the story, which is quite interesting, I should say that apparently the police are trying to use Stingray technology more and more these days (Read our blog about it here: You’ll recall that A Stingray is a device that mimics a cell phone tower and allows law enforcement to gather information about you by accessing your cell phone. There was an article this week, oddly enough, that questioned whether the older Stingrays would even function on a 4G or greater cell network, during an operation where local police called in the Feds – but that’s a discussion for another time.

police swat team at your door

So back to the story. My friend wakes up at 3 am, he hears pounding on his front door, door bell ringing and he sees a flash light outside his window and shadows. He’s groggy, confused and scared. The fight or flight response is taking hold in his body and he’s preparing to defend himself in the event that the burglars kick in his front door. He calls 9-11, explains the situation to the operator and she asks him to hold. Seconds later, she tells him to open the front door – it’s the police. Huh?!

It turns out that the police had been using an unidentified device to track a person’s phone and the search had erroneously led to my friends front door. He explained to them that he didn’t know the person they were looking for and that he lived alone, but they still asked to search his home, which he reluctantly allowed.

The lesson to be learned here is that you should never let anyone you don’t know in your house for any reason. Period. Even if it’s the police. And second, the police will use any means necessary to find you or someone else if given the means to do so. I hate to generalize here because I’m a supporter of the police in general. But it’s important to be aware of the state of law enforcement these days. Be safe out there.



The Super Rich Are Making Their Home Invisible

Can you really make your home invisible for online searches? The super rich seem to have found a way to hide their homes. Perhaps we can all learn a thing or two about living more off the grid…

A invisible House

Is Your Job Strong Enough For the After-Election Depression?

dirty job worker

We are living in uncertain times as you know, and we all must all work together to hold the frayed ends of humanity together as evil threatens to tear us apart.  Today my contribution to you is a reminder that you need to secure a stable business for yourself to fall back on if and when your “steady job” gets converted to a lay off.  This is a real threat to all and I recommend sharing this message to all.  This election is going to have serious consequences even if your favorite candidate wins.

If Hillary Wins

Unfortunately the Libertarian and Green parties don’t have a chance so you can think what you want there.   Back here in reality we have 2 real possibilities for president.  If Clinton wins you can expect at minimum 4 years of the same thing we had for the past 8, but there is a factor I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else.  Donald Trump has been setting up his run for President for a long time.  He may have some overseas companies but many of the more than 500 companies he owns are right here in America.  If Clinton wins, Trump will not feel welcome in America and he will promptly move as many of his companies overseas.  The ones that stay (like his Hotels) will do what you can imagine: They will bring in cheaper “undocumented” labor.  This is bad for you and all other current US residents.  It could start a new Great Depression.

If Trump Wins

On the other hand, a Trump win will not be so squeaky clean either.  While I think Trump is hands down the better option we all have to consider that there are some very powerful people that really hate the ideas of America, freedom, and Capitalism.  They are more in love with wealth re-distribution and “governing” the people.  If Trump wins, these people will pull every dirty trick in the book to bring down America under Trump’s watch.  They will pull their businesses out of America and they will try to hurt the job market so that John Q Public suffers and when they complain, the trouble makers will be right there to say “See we tried to warn you about Trump”.  This could be a manufactured Great Depression.  Meanwhile, what will you be doing to provide for your family?

How to Provide in Crisis

It all leads back to this:  You must find an income source that will stand strong in the face of depression.  In his book “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know it”, James Wesley Rawles advises that you must consider something others won’t want to do.  Dangerous, dirty or hard is what Rawles suggests.  I personally recommend dirty or hard but not too dangerous.  In the world we live in today an OSHA official might declare any job dangerous but that isn’t what I mean.  Just don’t take huge safety risks in your second career.  I am a living testament to dangerous jobs.  It is how I survived for a long time and I have the scars to prove it.  In a dangerous job you can’t make any income or provide for your family if you get hurt, so take a hard or dirty job.  Rawles suggests something to the effect of a septic pump service but also suggests an internet/ mail order business if you are organized.

The beauty of starting your business is that you can get it going and have it running if you lose your job. However, if you really can’t run a business, your last resort would be to get a job doing one of those jobs that nobody likes for a paycheck.  My advice is to get moving on that right now.  You don’t want to be looking for a job when everybody else gets laid off.  Rawles suggests things like sanitation workers or sewer technicians.  Dirty jobs but while everyone else is starving you will be bringing home a check.  The biggest thing you need to understand is you need to get moving on this one today.

Be sure to share this article with the people you care about. (or the people you know may be trying to mooch off of you when things go bad).



Why are The Russians Holding Back the Clinton Emails?

If there are still 30,000 of Hillary’s emails still missing and the Russians have them, you may be wondering what is the strategic drop date for the historic nemesis of America.  The writing is on the wall that the Russians most likely have those emails but it is in their best interest to release them only at the perfect time, in which the most damage can be done.

It’s hard to imagine this Hillary email scandal has gone on for so long but I wrote an article pertaining to this exact situation just over a year ago called “What Would You Do If You Were Hillary Clinton?”   In that article I predicted the emails would be held to control her if she wins the presidency.  Now that we have narrowed down the search of the foreign government holding the emails, we can begin to adjust our predictions based on what the Russians prefer. top secret hillary emails

The best bet for them is to monitor the American presidential race and only use the emails during the race if needed.  It is my opinion that the Russians, while acting Pro-Trump, secretly want Clinton to win since these emails they are holding will give them some leverage in negotiations for anything they want.  However, if Trump begins to pick up in the polls and it becomes very obvious that he will win by a landslide, the Russians will release the Clinton emails so they can pull favor with the “President Trump”.

One final angle you may be stumbling over is Julian Assange.  Isn’t he supposedly the one holding the Clinton emails?  Well, yes, but he will be answering to the Russians on this one.  In fact, the Russians will be able to walk away with clean hands on this one no matter how it turns out.  They will use someone else to look like the guy (or government) that hacked these emails.  Either way, I think we are all curious what is actually in those messages.

The Reason ISIS Magazine and RT are Popular Media Outlets

Perhaps many are confused about the reason so many western teens are being radicalized and turned into terrorists.  At the same time many Americans who experienced the Cold War with Communist Russia first hand can’t seem to comprehend why many are flocking to Russia Today (RT) for news.  Most Americans are shocked to learn that ISIS (known as ISIL and DASH by anti-American scum) actually put out a very nice looking magazine that resembles what you would see on the racks near the grocery store check-out. ISIS Terror Magazine

In their magazine ISIS doesn’t put forth the crazy lunatic image you would imagine.  It is more geared toward the wisdom of the millennial generation and attempts to use their knowledge of Western corruption in the media and political spheres, while also tapping into the strong emotions (and lack of critical thought) of the younger readers.  ISIS continues to introduce its own version of history and current events that tend to be believable to many vulnerable people.  The question is can you blame them for falling into this trap when all they get from mainstream western media and politics is two sides of constant lies?

Similarly, RT continues to produce follow-ups on the constant lies from mainstream western media outlets.  Many RT fans in America aren’t old enough to remember when we had a constant fear of Russia attacking us.  In those days it was unthinkable to listen to what the Russians had to say but now they found a way into the West.  They cover controversial figures like Snowden and Assange; figures slapped with the label of criminal and forgotten in the western media.  Now these forgotten individuals are back because their hacks revealed more corruption in the DNC (proving the Democratic party rigged elections).  It is important to keep in mind that these men are most likely Russian agents; whether from the beginning or by conversion.  This time rather than sneaking around assassinating people all RT has to do is cover the glossed over scandals that the American media doesn’t want covered.  Again, it creates lack of confidence in one’s own country.  Again, can you blame millennials for going down this rabbit hole?

The common denominator that both RT and ISIS Magazine (“Dabik” in their language) have in common are the allure they provide to a generation abandoned by their politicians and exploited by the media.  Young people see through this and are desperately seeking the truth.  The only problem is they are coming up empty handed in the mainstream media.  In the mean time they are ripe for the manipulation of terrorists and foreign governments.  My advice for anyone reading this is to take a hard look at real facts and check multiple sources before believing anything.  When you find one lie you may realize that outlet is just full of it and you need to put on your cowboy boots when they start talking.