The US Presidential Election of 2016 is About to Be Stolen

Expect the US Presidential Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump of 2016 to be stolen by Clinton and her army of thieves. The irony in that statement is that Trump is currently leading in the rigged election polls.  The LA Times, for example, has Trump leading Hillary Clinton by a huge margin as of today (November 6, 2016). There are 2 days left until the big day. trump-clinton-la-times-poll-11-6

Think what I’m saying is just made up? Check out this video of election experts showing how easy it is to change election results in just minutes at any election location in the United States.

Corruption in the United States of America has reached epic proportion. High level leaders in our government (FBI, DOJ and others) are using their powers to control individuals, allow illegal activity and pick winners and losers – as in elections. America has become a Banana Republic, a joke to the world. Wikileaks has released tens of thousands of emails showing the sick corruption within our government and here we stand in disbelief.

When most Americans know that someone is guilty of crimes against our country but our highest law enforcement agency won’t prosecute them, then we know we’ve reached a new low. If Hillary is elected, expect her administration to appoint new judges (including Supreme Court Justices) who will be coming for your guns and all your other rights. It starts with the 2nd Amendment because once they take the guns, they can do whatever they want to us with little or no repercussion. Just take a look at Australia! It’s time to wake up and vote. Get involved, talk to your neighbor and get the truth out there!american-flag-shredded-ballot-votes


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