Go F**k Yourself Judge!: Woman tells Judge “Go F**K Yourself” Was this necessary?


  Local governments are typically big enemies of personal privacy from all angles.  They don’t like private property, private travel, private ownership of personal property or even self improvement on private property.
     Recently I found a commentary on the video of a local Ellis County Texas resident addressing the unearned raise of a county judge to $70,000 per year.  Amy Hedkte ended her presentation to the Ellis county commissioner’s court by telling Judge Carol Bush to “take your insane expensive pay raise, buy a huge dildo and… go f**k yourself.”
     While I commend Mrs. Hedkte for her courage in facing the establishment and I also agree that a county judge should not be earning more than many of the struggling families across America, I must admonish her tactics.  Many people are angry right now because the government at all levels has positioned itself to take advantage of the average citizen and as the economy has collapsed over the past 8 years the slack in tax income from workers, businesses and sales has been picked up by police action.
     As a growing number of average citizens take the time to read the laws and understand that many of their local governments are bullying them, the momentum of change is rising.  It is my humble opinion that as we begin to shine light on the truth and make changes that we maintain the moral high ground.  We must control our anger and understand that there are many non-violent and non-abrasive ways of addressing corruption.  Some of these methods may not be as gratifying as cursing out these individuals but they end up being more effective.
     There is always a tipping point on change.  Some of the corrupt individuals will start losing their positions and others will be disbarred or arrested.  Then many of them turn from their evil out of survival instinct.  The polite paper trail and video documentation when possible is the key to ending corruption.  There is no path to success by offending somebody, no matter how corrupt they are.
     So be nice and take advantage of legal opportunities to expose corruption.  That’s the meanest thing you can do!
Here’s the video by Brett Sanders. BEWARE: ADULT LANGUAGE!

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