5 Ways to Drone-Proof Your Home

spying drone

When the framers of the US Constitution created the fourth amendment, they envisioned a world in which a person could be secure and free from unwarranted surveillance in their own home.  Unfortunately as technology has advanced, attorneys and judges have stepped up their game of excluding these rights and creating an open window into the lives of unassuming individuals.

Drones have no place flying into private spaces for the purpose of surveillance any more than a law enforcement officer or private citizen has a place invading a private residence without a warrant.  Yet, no one seems to be stopping these invasions.  The only solution is to protect yourself.

Here are 5 quick ways to Drone-Proof Your Home:

  1. Cover any skylights

The days of enjoying the sun’s light coming into your home are unfortunately over.  You will need to either replace your home’s skylight with more roof or place a tarp over it.

  1. Get some curtains

Every window in your home needs to be completely covered.  Any cracks leave an opportunity for drone  voyeurs.  If you are low on money, for now, start with your bathroom and bedroom windows and refrain from any intimate activity outside of protected areas in your home.

  1. Keep solid doors closed at all times

It is best to make sure the solid part of your door is closed and not just a screen or storm door.  Also cover any glass around your doors that would allow a drone to see through.  This applies to garage doors too.  Close them.

  1. Cover your car or any other vulnerable items outside

Drones can also fly through your yard and driveway picking up valuable data by looking inside your cars, trash and other items that should be protected, but are not.

  1. Start a neighborhood Watch for Drones

This is probably the best thing you can do.  With lots of sketchy people using drones now it is best to get the whole neighborhood involved.  It’s also a great way to be on good terms with your neighbors.  All should agree to the dangers involved in allowing drones to spy around the neighborhood.  If you meet resistance you can easily show your neighbor some of the horror stories of bathroom/bedroom watchers, and people who stalk children using drones.  Just formulate a plan with your neighborhood residents to track down drones in the area and either call law enforcement (recommended) or destroy the drone causing the problem (not recommended but you will be my hero!!).


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