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The US Presidential Election of 2016 is About to Be Stolen

Expect the US Presidential Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump of 2016 to be stolen by Clinton and her army of thieves. The irony in that statement is that Trump is currently leading in the rigged election polls.  The LA Times, for example, has Trump leading Hillary Clinton by a huge margin as of today (November 6, 2016). There are 2 days left until the big day. trump-clinton-la-times-poll-11-6

Think what I’m saying is just made up? Check out this video of election experts showing how easy it is to change election results in just minutes at any election location in the United States.

Corruption in the United States of America has reached epic proportion. High level leaders in our government (FBI, DOJ and others) are using their powers to control individuals, allow illegal activity and pick winners and losers – as in elections. America has become a Banana Republic, a joke to the world. Wikileaks has released tens of thousands of emails showing the sick corruption within our government and here we stand in disbelief.

When most Americans know that someone is guilty of crimes against our country but our highest law enforcement agency won’t prosecute them, then we know we’ve reached a new low. If Hillary is elected, expect her administration to appoint new judges (including Supreme Court Justices) who will be coming for your guns and all your other rights. It starts with the 2nd Amendment because once they take the guns, they can do whatever they want to us with little or no repercussion. Just take a look at Australia! It’s time to wake up and vote. Get involved, talk to your neighbor and get the truth out there!american-flag-shredded-ballot-votes

Financial Collapse of Deutsche Bank of Germany Coming 2016?

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, now is a good time to pull your head out of the proverbial sand. Here’s a summary of what’s going on if you don’t know and a primer on 2007. In the year 2007, financial markets in the US began to meltdown because banks were loaning money to anyone, including home owners, who had a pulse. But the market can only bear so many bad loans, including the credit default swaps, that were a part of the big Wall Street Casino. Essentially, bankers and “investors” were gambling on things that didn’t even exist. And as a result, real people lost their homes, lost money in the stock market and tens of thousands of Americans lost jobs. This event had ripple effects for years and was considered the 2nd great American depression. And we all collectively lost when Bush and the US Congress decided to give these bankers a whole bunch of tax money to bail them out. Go watch “The Big Short” and it will explain it better than I can. We specialize in privacy, not financial issues.economic-collapse-usa

Fast forward to September 2016. The banks and “investors” didn’t learn any lessons from the 2007/2008 financial meltdown. Why would they? The US Taxpayer bailed them out. And now the word on the street is that the banks that were “too big to fail” are even bigger. And you know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall. And when they fall this time, it’s going to hurt us all. no one is safe! But to make things worse this time, Europe is involved. Deutsche Bank of Germany is rumored to be having the same problems that US investment firms were having. It’s time to make some tough decisions if you have any money in the market. Read more here:

Why are The Russians Holding Back the Clinton Emails?

If there are still 30,000 of Hillary’s emails still missing and the Russians have them, you may be wondering what is the strategic drop date for the historic nemesis of America.  The writing is on the wall that the Russians most likely have those emails but it is in their best interest to release them only at the perfect time, in which the most damage can be done.

It’s hard to imagine this Hillary email scandal has gone on for so long but I wrote an article pertaining to this exact situation just over a year ago called “What Would You Do If You Were Hillary Clinton?”   In that article I predicted the emails would be held to control her if she wins the presidency.  Now that we have narrowed down the search of the foreign government holding the emails, we can begin to adjust our predictions based on what the Russians prefer. top secret hillary emails

The best bet for them is to monitor the American presidential race and only use the emails during the race if needed.  It is my opinion that the Russians, while acting Pro-Trump, secretly want Clinton to win since these emails they are holding will give them some leverage in negotiations for anything they want.  However, if Trump begins to pick up in the polls and it becomes very obvious that he will win by a landslide, the Russians will release the Clinton emails so they can pull favor with the “President Trump”.

One final angle you may be stumbling over is Julian Assange.  Isn’t he supposedly the one holding the Clinton emails?  Well, yes, but he will be answering to the Russians on this one.  In fact, the Russians will be able to walk away with clean hands on this one no matter how it turns out.  They will use someone else to look like the guy (or government) that hacked these emails.  Either way, I think we are all curious what is actually in those messages.

Safety and Privacy Tips For Off Duty Police

This message is for everybody.  For police officers that are in the current struggle of our nation you probably already know these things but you can use this as a check list.  For all others who may have someone trying to hunt you every day these techniques can benefit you as well.  Police officers have to constantly look over their shoulder for the obvious reason that they may run into a former client, fresh out of prison and ready for revenge, but the political climate today has put that worry in second place.  Now officers have to worry about entitled drug addicts on the George Soros payroll coming out of nowhere.  This is also the case if you happen to support any cause that these people find offensive, even if you are John Q Citizen.  Here is a simple list of tips that police officers use for off duty safety and privacy when they are off duty.invisible police man

  1. Have a plan for your family if you run into trouble: It is important to know that you may remember a bad acquaintance from your past when you run into them at the mall.  Your wife will have no idea who this person is. It is important for you to make a clear and concise plan with your family that if you tell them to “go home”, they do so without question or hesitation.  Talking about this and reminding your spouse before going out every time is important.
  2. Get a burner car: In the past I have written extensively about the burner phone (and you should have one) but if you feel you are being hunted you need a burner car. This is just a basic piece of junk that you pay $1000-$1500 for and you just use to drive to work.  Just throw some liability insurance on this one and know that you can do anything you want with this one.  You want some examples?  Ram your way out of illegal roadblocks, Run over anyone shooting at you, practice your stunt driving in vacant parking lots, and best of all when the angry rioters show up and set cars on fire you won’t mind.  If you get the right kind of burner car, they may even pass over you thinking you are one of them, or are so poor they feel sorry for you!
  3. Put your nice car in somebody else’s name: I always say I’m not afraid of the government, but those rogue employees are a different story.  Whether you are a police officer or not, you know just about anybody can check the tags on your car.  Move the ownership of your car to a friend or get an LLC for the vehicle.
  4. Use a different address: This is a big issue for police because they are always expected to live where they say they live. Officer or not, you need to avoid living where you say you live.  This is not just about you; this is about your family’s safety.  Move your home into the name of a friend or relative, or an LLC. If you have to but don’t live in a place where someone can easily find out.
  5. Shave down your friend list: People talk and unfortunately a friend of a friend stopping by your house or your social media page could get some ideas if he gets upset for no reason. Only deal with close friends.  All others are just going to have to stay away.  This means no big parties at your house.  In fact, if you follow rule #4 above you shouldn’t have any visitors.
  6. Always Pack Heat: There is a lot of shaming in the media and there are a lot of jabs being thrown by politicians right now regarding guns.  Don’t fall for it.  Take it from a guy who has been in shoot outs with and without guns.  Being without a gun is a helpless feeling.  Take it everywhere.
  7. Look the Part of John Q Citizen: On your days off grow your facial hair and try to look as normal as possible. Don’t wear police stuff.  The only police item you should have on your person is a gun (or 2).
  8. Get your Food to Go: Get everything to go.  Sometimes you have to go out and do things with your family but that should be kept to a minimum.  Unfortunately, with the political climate you will probably want to only go to restaurants in a different town from the one you work in.
  9. Stop signs are optional at this point: I would never tell anybody to willingly violate the law but you have to make a good judgement for yourself and your family here.  Is it worth making a complete stop at a stop sign or red light just to be shot at if you are in the wrong neighborhood?  Keep moving while you are in your car.  It will slow some bullets down but you have no way of defending yourself while you are trapped in your car seat.  On that note, you should always keep a safe distance from the car in front of you.  I consider a safe distance, the distance it takes me to get the car up to a speed to ram my way out of the situation.
  10. Secure your home like Fort Knox. I don’t think this needs explanation, but you need to do everything you can to make it unappealing and unhealthy for a burglar or homicidal maniac to get inside your house.  You should never have to shoot anybody if it is well secured, but have the guns ready to go to.

Alleged Terrorist Caught at US Border With Pipeline Plans

This week, the US Border Patrol captured more potential terrorists near the US/Mexico border. The FBI and US Border Patrol are investigating the incident…

Police in a U.S. town bordering Mexico have apprehended an undocumented, Middle Eastern woman in possession of the region’s gas pipeline plans, law enforcement sources tell Judicial Watch. Authorities describe the woman as an “Islamic refugee” pulled over during a traffic stop by a deputy sheriff in Luna County, New Mexico which shares a 54-mile border with Mexico. County authorities alerted the U.S. Border Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) has been deployed to the area to investigate, sources with firsthand knowledge of the probe confirm.- Judicial Watch Article

If you think that all of us here in America are safe, it’s time to wake up and smell the terrorism. It’s in our backyard already and we all need to take measures to protect ourselves. The time for burying our heads in the sand and hoping for the best is over.


border mexico us terrorist immigrant

Where Do You Store Gold If You Don’t Trust The Bank?

Is Texas building a private gold repository? It may be in the works already….

“Texans as a group are some of the largest gold buyers in the world,” said Saab, chief operating officer of the company. “The only options they have to store it right now are in a bank or their home.”

Saab’s company, one of many interested in being involved with the state’s plan to create a depository, proposes building a potentially $20 million facility — with no Texas tax dollars — on 40 acres of land it has in Shiner, about 250 miles south of Fort Worth.

Plans for such a depository, where Texans could store their gold and precious metals, have been in the works since state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Southlake, asked lawmakers to create the facility last year.

Under the new Texas law, the comptroller’s office is working to create the state’s first bullion depository — which could hold deposits of gold and other precious metals from financial institutions, cities, school districts, businesses, individuals and countries — at a location yet to be determined.

Read More:

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Hillary’s Ghost Address: How the Arkansas First Lady got Elected to be New York’s US Senator

This should be fun, since I usually don’t get to mix political dirt with the essentials of privacy but this story has it all!  After JFK Jr.’s unfortunate plane crash which effectively left the race for New York senator wide open in the year 1999, it was no surprise that the Clintons purchased a mansion in Chappaqua, New York.  The only obstacle standing in the way of the former Arkansas first lady’s New York senate seat was the requirement of New York residency.  That’s how Hillary became a US Senator for the state of New York with few credentials.  The word “shameless” comes to mind but I didn’t put this all together for entertainment.  You can get that reading a tabloid.

Creating the Illusion

The fun starts in late 2000 when the Clintons purchased another mansion in Washington D.C. on Whitehaven Street.  This seemed to be a good idea since Mrs. Clinton was a senator in Washington at the time.  However, this appears to be where she has actually lived for the past 16 years.  New York is still maintained as her home but she holds fund raisers, throws parties, and has important meetings at her real home on Whitehaven Street.  A February 2015 article from  The Hill entitled “Where does Hillary 2016 Begin? In This Washington Home” describes the situation beautifully.  I have it linked here  but this is my favorite quote from the article:

“Associates point out that the home is not a show-and-tell, museum-like house. There aren’t any grip-and-grin photos with heads of state or a wall of fame with A-listers.

Instead, there are personal touches, family photos, a Nelson Mandela coffee table book. The house’s butter-yellow color walls have been a personal favorite for Clinton, who has used the same hue in previous homes.

“It’s definitely the place where she feels most comfortable and the place where she tries to get people to feel most comfortable,” said one longtime Clinton ally who has visited the home a number of times over the years. “She uses it as a home, as an office, as a staging ground for important meetings, it’s all of those things.”

Make Your Own Ghost Address

Let’s just be honest here; Washington is her home.  However, holding the New York address has always created political advantages.  Genius in my opinion!  If you are asking my opinion about what I personally think of Mrs. Clinton, you won’t get it here, but her battle plan is Genius!  By owning the home in Washington, she is in close proximity to all the political action, and when on the campaign trail she can tell New Yorkers “I’m one of you”. hidden forest home waterfall

The main point I want to convey to you, the reader is that when you think things through you can create advantages for yourself.  Here in the privacy world we like to be left alone and not found.  You can easily create your own ghost address and take control of your privacy situation by taking a few easy steps.  For brevity, I will just tell you it does involve you moving, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move very far.  We offer consulting here at and we also sell the book “Disappear in 24 Hours” by Lonn E Wolfenstein for serious privacy seekers:

The elite are making moves to keep themselves on top.   You can do the same and do good things.

Read about how voter fraud was alleged in a small Texas town and how where you sleep at night and where you vote are linked:

Note: Creating ghost addresses can have numerous side effects or restrictions on how you live your life – such as your ability to vote where you desire or where you obtain your driver’s license. However, this is not a new or illicit concept; a ghost address is something the wealthy and elite have used for years.


When They Killed JFK, They Killed America

I wrote a blog recently about JFK and privacy entitled “Is Privacy Dead?”. I wrote it because I was recently watching a documentary about JFK and I began to see how things have changed in our political system since the 1960s. Things have gotten MUCH worse in my opinion.

Yesterday this piece was authored by the Great Paul Craig Robertson on regarding the ideals of JFK, particularly his desire to have government be more transparent and to have integrity. Mr. Roberts knows a thing or two about the JFK Administration: he was a part of it.

“In the JFK administration I was a White House Fellow. In those days it was a much larger program than the small insider program it later became. President Kennedy’s intention was to involve many young Americans in government in order to keep idealism alive as a counter to the material interests of lobby groups. I don’t know if the program still exists. If it does, the idealism that was its purpose is long gone.

All I can say is that my mind must be connecting to a greater consciousness, and I’m not the only one out there who pines for a leader like JFK. They killed America when JFK died, but they didn’t kill the great spirit that he stirred in us, and his voice and ideals are still alive in all of us patriots.

Safety Warning: Target Bathroom Policy is a Privacy Issue

For those of us who have ever been tailed by private I’s, pesky journalists or foreign “diplomats” sometimes a bathroom stall is an escape option if that individual is of the opposite sex.  I happen to personally disagree with Target’s decision to make private facilities available to any sex but the loss of an escape route is what I want to discuss here.  Lets step outside of the argument over right and wrong in sexual desires and discuss how this relates to privacy alone.  The restroom is a private (sometimes soundproof and quiet) place and a lot can happen there.
All they can do is file a report after the damage is done.
transgender bathroom target
There are many scenarios that can go very bad just because of the confusion Target is causing here.  My first thought is the issue of child predators that could dress as a woman and enter the women’s restroom at target and use it as a hunting ground but that is already reported in other articles.  How about this scenario:  Since it will be ok for men and women to go into the Target restroom, it is a great place for sexual hook ups.  When a person walks into the restroom and hears a woman screaming in the bathroom stall she could be getting raped, murdered, or just be having a good time.  Nobody will know.  Entering a bathroom stall to break this up would be an invasion of privacy if the latter is going on.  So now when a person enters a Target restroom they never know what danger lurks.  This is guaranteed to happen.  There is nothing security can do to stop it.  All they can do is file a report after the damage is done.
Don’t go into a Target restroom unless you want to compromise your privacy and safety.
People are going to be robbed in Target restrooms, at a minimum and I am advising you to stay out of Target stores in my opinion.  Any person who desires privacy and desires to set themselves up for success will not walk into a trap like this.  Lots of stores sell the same items that Target sells and it would be safer to go to those stores.  Life is dangerous but we can all cut our losses by making sound safety and privacy decisions.  We stay out of neighborhoods known for drugs and crime, we drive reasonably, and we don’t share our internet passwords with strangers because deviations just make life more dangerous.  This bathroom issue is the same.  Don’t go into a Target restroom unless you want to compromise your privacy and safety.
Just being a man is not good enough to think that you will be immune to this either.  As I mentioned in the first line, if you are being followed by a woman, it would be just as easy for her to go into the men’s restroom with you and monitor you, or kill you.  There are women out there that are specially trained to fight men and they can and they will win in many cases.  The “weaker sex” argument is just weak!  Don’t fool yourself.
transgender bathroom tranny
Now you can Boycott Target
If you think I am alone in my thinking you should check out  They have started a boycott of Target that is now at 1.2 million signatures.  If you would like to sign up go here:

Is Privacy Dead?

Do you believe that privacy is dead? Many people cite September 11, 2001 as the day privacy died, since so much legislation that guts personal privacy has been enacted in the US since 9/11, such as NDAA, The Patriot Act, Patriot Act II, MPAA and others. But perhaps the real war on privacy began much earlier, specifically November 22, 1963 – The day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Not to get deep in conspiracy theories here, but it’s clear that a large percentage of Americans (81% according to Gallup Poll) do not buy into the official story of a lone gunman. Recall that Lee H. Oswald, a military veteran, who worked in a building near where the assassination occurred in Dallas was fingered as the lone gunman for the crime just hours after it happened. Of course he was unable to have his day in court because he was shot and killed shortly after the event by Jack Ruby, who died approximately 3 years later. Jack Ruby is a bit of an enigma as well, and too complicated and convoluted to write about in a short blog.

death of privacy

The Kennedy assassination was a watershed moment in American history because it was an event where, in our opinion, corruption got the upper hand in American Government and Politics. A great statement was made with just a few gunshots, despite the fact that no words were spoken. The statement was this: as an American Statesman, you will play ball with those in power behind the scenes, or you will be killed.

Fast forward to the year 2016. The public is being mislead and propagandized like never before. For example, the FBI recently took to grandstanding, declaring that they needed help getting information from a terrorist’s encrypted phone. However, it has come to light now that they could easily gain access to his phone and didn’t need help. So what was their motive for trying to get a court to grant them access to the phone? Whatever the answer is, it is unsettling and sneaky at best. And our privacy rights suffer. But what’s even more disturbing is that apparently most Americans sided with the FBI. They probably also believed the story that was told in the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” – You know, the movie about a bunch of SEALS that launch a strike against Osama Bin Laden. Of course, not long after the supposed strike, much of the same SEAL team involved in the Zero Dark Thirty Mission were killed in a helicopter that was mysteriously shot down. Seeing the pattern here? Tyranny and privacy go hand in hand.

Read more here: