Hide Your Cash When Traveling

Today I ran across this excellent video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is7KetXtJIQ
If you are considering a trip to a rough area, which unfortunately includes areas of the USA, you need to watch this.  The guy includes some very simple places to hide your cash from predators.  In many areas around the globe, our contributors have informed us that official corruption is still alive and well.  This means you may actually be hiding your travel money from somebody wearing a uniform or a business suit.  There are all sorts of predators out there, so get prepared.

Barndominiums: Your Ticket To Privacy

If you have moved somewhere new in the past few years, then you know that the locals come out of the woodwork trying to see who the new resident is.  Some will come by and introduce themselves and others will just ride by with a bewildered look; mouth open like they are trying to catch flies; almost crashing because they aren’t watching the road and are taking mental pictures of your estate.  For privacy seekers, this is not a good thing.  As we know here at Privacy Living, what follows the new friendly neighbor is trouble.  They get a little too familiar and then the tests start.  Power companies show up, Code Enforcement shows up, and even Law Enforcement shows up sometimes just to flex and see what kind of taxes they can get from the new guy on the block.barndominium

These are example of the nightmares faced by a privacy seeker.  But now a new popular trend is taking hold in the main stream and it is ripe to be taken advantage of.  The Barndominium is a self-explanatory name:  It is simply a barn that can be used as a dwelling.  Many trendies are now building houses that look like barns and calling them barndominiums.  That is fine, and I’m not here to debate what qualifies as a house or a barn.  What I am talking about is the opportunity to buy a property with a sturdy barn and then secretly renovating it into a nice place on the inside while maintaining the appearance of a barn on the outside.

This is a brilliant idea if you can keep it under wraps.  Here are a few things to keep in mind so you don’t get noticed.

  1. Starting from scratch is a sure sign of being noticed. Lookie-Loo’s and government spy planes along with private drones are going to see a structure pop-up where a hole in the ground once was.  Using an existing structure is best for privacy.
  2. Electricity is a consideration: Solar and wind power is always the best way to stay private if you can afford them.  For a normal person without electrical knowledge, you will want to start with a place that already has electricity.  Getting electricians on the site will always blow your cover because they have to pull permits.
  3. How about Water? – Water is more of a necessity than electricity. This is something you definitely need to have planned before you plan anything else.  Water will have to be provided by a sophisticated rain catching system or a municipal water supply.  If the ladder is the case, it is best to have your water meter near the road and far from your barndominium.  This should keep the prying eyes of the meter man away from your home.
  4. Consider Parking: You need to make space in your barn for parking.  A barn with a car parked out front looks like someone lives there.
  5. Do you have a barnyard? All nice hobby farms have a barnyard, so you should have a barnyard around your barndominium to make it authentic looking and provide extra security.  I always recommend fence as a good burglar deterrent.  This time it just needs to look like a farm fence. It should be designed to be just as difficult as any other fence for a burglar.

Finally, if you are having a little trouble convincing your better half that creating your own private barndomenium is a good idea, consider some of the beautiful creations that have already been made by many great designers.  Here’s a great barndominium facebook page:    https://www.facebook.com/Bardominium/?fref=ts

You can also check out the barndominiums on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”.  Here is one near Waco Texas that is now renting for $1200 a night:  http://www.mysanantonio.com/lifestyle/travel-outdoors/article/Barndominium-HGTV-Fixer-Upper-for-rent-8327576.php




A Story About Why This Girl Went Into Hiding

An Ivy League College Girl who is from a good home and is an “A” student suddenly decides she wants off the grid. She stops talking to friends, cleans out her bank account, sells all her possessions and checks out of society. But why? There’s a growing group of individuals who have begun to realize that the western society we’ve created with it’s complicated nature of corporate jobs, traffic, bills, social media, illness and other factors may be more harmful than good.

Unfortunately it appears that our society has become so filled with everyday stress, expectation and now spying (such as phone, drone and social media) that people are deciding not to participate in the dystopian, Matrix-like future we’ve created for ourselves. People are tired of being spied upon, tired of tolerating micro-managers and corporate policies, tired of fighting for less and less money, tired of owing the bankers, tired of having less and less privacy in their home and tired of conforming to the wills of the tyrants who run our governments.

Will you take the red pill or the blue one? Morpheus is waiting…

Read more: http://nypost.com/2016/05/29/why-i-had-to-escape-my-ivy-league-life-and-disappear/

Also, if you haven’t checked out our book called Disappear in 24 Hours, you should check it out!

morpheus red blue pill

What is a Burner Phone? How Can it Help Me?

How do you securely communicate?
Many people are looking for an effective way to communicate without being monitored.  These people are not terrorists.  For the most part, they are normal people that value privacy.  Others may be government officials with information that needs to be sent quickly but in confidence.  Many more of these people are private business owners with a Million Dollar idea but are afraid the idea will be intercepted by unscrupulous business people or foreign governments.
burner phone girl
This is where the idea of the “Burner Phone” comes in.  A burner phone is one that is not attached to your name in any way and it can be effective in some scenarios.  On many occasions I have warned, however that due to facial recognition software on cameras, “phone pairing”, cell tower pinging, and voice recognition software this is not perfect.  The NSA, Chinese Government, and Russian Government are likely to know who you are and listen to you if they find you of interest.  Of course we know the NSA is listening and reading all the time, so you should know up front that you are most likely not going to skirt them.
The Purpose of a Burner Phone
Despite my warnings above, the burner phone does serve a purpose.  If you are trying to avoid anyone other than the above, you have a good chance of privacy.  A former spouse or lover, another employer, business competition and criminals out to get you can be thwarted with the proper use of a burner phone.
There are several ways to get a phone without having your name attached to it.  The easiest is to go to a gas station (check for cameras if you are very paranoid) or chain store that sells prepaid phones or phone cards.  You must use only cash if you wish to avoid a credit card trail.  I will eventually write a burner phone review of multiple brands, but for now let’s continue learning about the essentials.  A review of something you don’t know how to properly operate would be useless.
The Essentials of a Burner Phone
Unless you want to create a “burner email” don’t bother getting one with internet access.  This will just complicate things.  Secondly avoid a phone with a camera.  If there is no option then make sure you put black tape over the camera holes before you even turn it on.  Some have cameras and finger print ID in the screens so avoid screens if possible.  The simpler the better, because if you intend to protect your privacy you will destroy and trash this phone on a regular basis.  This means getting a new number and everything. So save some money and get a simple one.
The most important essential of a burner phone is a removable battery.  Phones can be remotely turned on and monitored, as well as pinged on the nearest cell tower.  This is why you should never use your burner phone at work or home, and when done the battery should be immediately removed until the next use (preferably at a busy intersection or shopping center away from places you frequent).  The last tip is almost as important as removing the battery.  You must never allow your burner phone to be on in the same area as your main phone.  You can easily be identified when the two signals are paired together.
Who are you talking to?
If you are talking to a person who has not bothered to use these tactics you can also be identified.  If you talk to someone a lot on your normal phone and then all of a sudden you call them from your burner phone, you can easily be found out.  Perhaps the wise thing to do, is to get 2 burner phones; one for you and the other for your business partner.  Talking itself is a problem.  This is why following procedure here can only be mostly successful.  Voice recognition software used by many governments and high-tech corporate thieves will identify you in less than 1 second.
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FBI And DHS Warn Of Electrical Grid Terrorism

Despite the fact that the FBI and DHS in the United States have downplayed concerns over terrorists potentially targeting the electrical grid, a terrorist scenario that has been greatly underestimated by most, a nationwide campaign of briefings and webinars “warning” power industry players of potential threats has been undertaken.lights in US from space orbit

“It is only a matter of the ‘when,’ not the ‘if’—we’re going to see a nation-state, group, or actor engage in destructive behavior against critical infrastructure in the United States,” Rogers, who is also director of the National Security Agency, said in a speech March 2. – The Washington Free Beacon

While you may have considered the possibility for terrorism through our electric grid, the fact that our leaders are actively discussing this possibility with industry professionals is shocking. Essentially, terrorism against the electric grid means a power shutdown. If these shutdowns happen in short increments, they are only considered an inconvenience or annoyance. But if the grid goes down for days or weeks, pandemonium can set in and lives can be threatened, dependent upon how long the black out happens. Don’t think it can happen? Do a google search for “Hurricane Sandy blackout”. When the power goes out for days, bad things happen!

Blog about what happens from first hour to 7 days after the breakdown of the electrical grid. http://www.realworldsurvivor.com/2015/08/25/power-outages-blackouts-how-the-world-could-change-in-7-days/#lights-off-how-the-world-could-change-in-7-days-18

Another blog on power outage by Privacyliving.com: https://privacyliving.com/tag/hurricane-sandy/

hurricane sandy power outage



A Desperate Phone Call From Sam To Sovereign Man

One of my favorite websites to visit and favorite newsletters is one written by Sovereign Man. He always has lots of great information about living abroad and politics in the United States. I wanted to share this post from Sovereign Man I received today by email. If you haven’t checked out their website or signed up for the newsletter, I highly recommend both. Enjoy..

Company Logo

March 30, 2016

Santiago, Chile


Yesterday I received a rather desperate phone call from a relative of mine named Sam.

I used to spend a LOT of time with Sam growing up. And back then he was an amazing guy.

Sam was the kind of person who was so charismatic that you felt happy and excited just being around him.

He was an incredibly positive person with a keen interest in helping others.

I remember how frequently he used to start some meaningful project to benefit his community, or quite often less-fortunate people thousands of miles away that he had never met.

Sam was also incredibly successful. He was just one of those people who always seemed to be able to make money. And over the course of his life he amassed substantial wealth.

Sam was constantly learning and creating; he was in to art, science, technology… a real Renaissance man.

Most of all, Sam was a person of rock-solid integrity. He stood up for his values, and the rest of us deeply respected him.

I’m really grateful to have had his mentorship for so long, and I know that I’m a better person as a result of his influence.

But starting around 15 years ago, Sam started to change.

He went through a major personal crisis… the kind of thing you hope to never have to experience in life.

It was absolutely terrible. And the entire family rallied around him in support.

I personally spent several years of my life going to bat for Sam, and I sacrificed a lot for him. The whole family did.

But Sam never recovered. In fact he just got worse.

He started making the most incredibly bizarre financial decisions, squandering away his wealth in ways that just seemed completely crazy to the rest of the family.

He had dozens of businesses at that point, and ALL of them were losing money.

But he refused to make any changes. He refused to tighten the business spending. In fact he started spending even more, squandering what little wealth he had left.

We tried to help. Some of his accountants approached us at one point and gave us a snapshot of Sam’s finances. It was gruesome.

This guy had easily been the wealthiest person we had all known. But he had been reduced, at least on paper, to poverty.

His debts were astronomical, and he hardly had any savings or assets left other than his house and a few fancy antiques.

But Sam refused to believe it; he insisted on living like the multi-millionaire he had always been, even though he no longer had any income to support his lifestyle.

It was so bad that the entire family had to chip in and start putting money into his bank account on a monthly basis.

But whatever amount we could muster was barely enough to cover Sam’s most basic living expenses, let alone all the luxury he was accustomed to.

And we couldn’t even begin to make a dent in Sam’s debt burden, which was growing by the day. We found out later that he had even gone into debt with some pretty shady characters.

We tried intervening again and again. But Sam wouldn’t listen.

And despite all the help and support we had extended him, Sam ultimately turned on his own family, attacking the people who loved him most.

He used to ring us up, and sometimes even show up on our doorsteps in the middle of the night, demanding money… screaming that we had an obligation as a family to pay him.

He even got violent with some of my relatives; with others he broke into their houses and stole from them.

At some point there was a complete mental breakdown, and he became totally paranoid. He started taking letters from the mailbox and reading our mail.

And he even ratted out a few of my relatives to the authorities for some petty violations of the municipal code.

A few members of the family started to distance themselves from Sam; at that point the guy was a loose cannon and becoming dangerous.

We found out later that he started embezzling funds from his companies. He’d taken money out of his employees’ pension accounts for his own personal use.

And he’d leaned heavily on his reputation in the business community to build a giant fraudulent pyramid scheme.

It was really sad.

Sam had changed. There were always good days and bad days, and sometimes I would occasionally see flashes of the old Sam.

But for the most part his desperation had made him petty, deceitful, and abusive, even with his own family.

And the man I had once known– that strong, honorable Sam who always stood up for what was right– was long gone.

He and I had once been so close, and he was such an important mentor in my life.

But at a certain point I had to recognize that there were too many things about another person’s life that were beyond my ability to fix.

I will always love my Uncle Sam and be grateful for his life lessons and the fond memories of our time together.

But I finally had to move on with my own life and become free of his destructive behavior.

It was a hard decision. But I know it was the right one.

It’s natural to want to help family; but to continue enabling someone so abusive only makes his problem worse.

And I realized that the old Sam still exists. He’s within me. And all the rest of the family.

So the best thing I can really do for him is to emulate all the good qualities he used to have… and continue to live by most important values that Sam once stood for.


Sam may be your Uncle too… because Sam is America.


Until tomorrow,

Simon Black

Founder, SovereignMan.com

sovereign man

The Fastest Growing Economy in Europe

I don’t necessarily recommend just packing up and bailing out of your own home country, but for some it is not an option.  Sometimes things just happen and you need to move along.  So if you are country shopping you might find it interesting that Ireland has the fastest growing economy in Europe.  Last year Ireland’s economy grew 7.8% which is greater than China and the US. ireland

The factors that caused this are mostly sound common sense principals but the two that I find most notable are #1: Ireland has a low corporate tax rate (12.5%) that is dwarfed by the Unites States 39% corporate tax rate (This is what attracts business). #2:  Ireland is prosecuting the bankers that crashed their economy in 2008.  Ireland recently extradited David Drumm, former chief executive of Irish Anglo Bank, back from his hide out in Boston Massachusetts on 33 charges, including forgery and fraud. (This restores public trust)

Now, how does this help you?  Keep your eye on Ireland.  If they continue to grow I will recommend them as a place to expatriate to.  My only word of warning is that unemployment in Ireland is still at 8.6% so don’t expect to hop off a boat and be flooded with job opportunities.   However, this is a European country and if you land a job it will pay way better than a job in most Latin American or African countries.  It is important when planning a move to consider how easily you can get work as an immigrant as well as what it will pay and how you will be treated.  At this time, for those very reasons, I have Ireland on my watch list and you should too.

A Grab and Go Reminder

In my book “Disappear in 24 Hours” available at http://howto.disappear24.com/ I mentioned the Grab and Go bag that you should always have on your person. To eliminate any confusion, this is not a bugout bag. This needs to be something you can run with and won’t look crazy when you carry it around during your daily life.

disappear in 24 hours

We now live in times where the collapse should have happened a long time ago. My inspiration for writing this came 2 days ago when a family member decided to get bent out of shape and tell me they are tired of hearing about gloom and doom that was supposed to happen 5 years ago. I happen to agree…we are 5 years overdue for the quickening in the United States. So continue with your life however you want but keep your grab and go bag with you at all times. This may be all you have when things go wrong. If you can’t get back to your home base for 48 hours you should be able to survive. I have listed what I have in my grab and go bag below. You can add or subtract as you feel but remember rule #1 with a grab and go bag is be able to run a mile with it.

  1. Bottle of water
  2. Multi-tool with a knife on it
  3. Cigarette lighter
  4. Granola bar
  5. Thin Poncho with Hood
  6. Gloves
  7. Sunshades
  8. I have a gun when it is legal

If I was short on time and had to pick the top 3 it would be water bottle, Poncho, and cigarette lighter. The water bottle is an absolute. Even if you don’t prepare yourself after reading this I will just advise you to grab some type of container on your way out the door. You will need hydration after making a quick escape and the adrenaline wears off.