What Information Can be Found With a Phone Number

When you consider connecting the dots to create a picture, imagine your phone number as the dot that connects everything else they know about you.  Even if they have it all, it is up to you whether or not they have the dot with your phone number to complete the picture.phone hacker

All it takes to find everything is to just find that phone number connected to one of the many things we already know like your facebook account (which requires a phone number) or any shopping card from a corporate retailer you may have given your number to.  Do you still believe those corporations don’t sell or trade your private information?  Well even if you do, it doesn’t matter because they are all systematically hacked a bare minimum of every 3-5 years.

Any email you get for free is being picked off as we speak.  It doesn’t matter if you gave the provider any phone information or not.  All you have to do is reveal your phone number in the text of an email and boom!! Mission accomplished!!  Free emails mine everything that comes across your screen, including drafts.  Why do you think they always want you to “secure” your email account with a phone number?

If you have connected to an old friend or new business acquaintance by email or social media and given them your phone number in a message it is connecting you to that phone number and that media account.

It’s called the world wide WEB for a reason.  Everything you do is sucked into a giant computer and maintained for profit and micromanagement of the public.  A good researcher can take an unknown phone number and use cell towers to “pair” it with other devices already known to be in your name.  For example: a burner phone (see our article on burner phones https://privacyliving.com/2016/05/17/what-is-a-burner-phone-how-can-it-help-me/ ) can have its owner pegged pretty efficiently when it is continually detected near the same owner’s normal cell phone or other smart device.  This can include cars with smart devices embedded in them.  By detecting an unknown phone continually traveling to the same places and staying at the same address all night along with already known devices it is easy to deduce that you are the owner.

As you can see, being truly anonymous requires some serious work but it is possible.  You can always pick up a copy of “Disappear in 24 Hours” by Lonn E Wolfenstein if you want to do a total makeover.  The book is available at Brave New Books in Austin TX or can be ordered by clicking the products link at the top of this page.

Make Your Property Ownership Information Confidential

Currently, many states in the US make it super easy for anyone to search for your home address and find out information about where you live, what your home is valued, your tax information, the size of your home, your mailing address and more. With identity theft and other violent crimes being as pervasive as they are, there are ways to protect your family, make yourself more private and less of a target.

When it comes to property, such as land or homes, one of the best ways to construct a barrier between yourself and those who are searching for you (solicitors, criminals, nosy neighbors and others), is to put your property into a trust or LLC. The downside to this plan is that trusts and LLCs require time and money. For example, you may need to hire an attorney to create an LLC for your property (contact us if you want help with this – we have an easier, faster way to do this), and in many cases you must own the property outright in order to create such a legal umbrella (the bank cannot own the property). property-cad-request-confidential

A quicker, cheaper and easier way to gain a new layer of privacy between your property and your identity is to request confidentiality status for the property. How do you make your property information confidential, avoiding the prying eyes of snoops and bad guys? Your properties information is typically managed and maintained by a county appraisal district (CAD). For example, if you purchase a property, you are required to have a registered surveyor conduct a survey of the property boundaries which will be recorded legally by the CAD in your county or district. The CAD keeps hardcopies of your property survey with details of who owns the property (through county records), and also posts information about the property on their website, which is typically available to the public.

If you don’t want others to be able to view your property ownership information on the CAD website or request copies of the information, you must make a request through the CAD for property confidentiality status. Normally, this requires that the owner complete a request form and submit it to the CAD for review. It is important to note that in some places there may be limitations to what information remains confidential and who is eligible to apply for property confidentiality status. In some states, the information will be completely blocked from the website and not available for anyone but law enforcement. In addition, in the state that I live in, for example, only individuals such as law enforcement, military, judges and victims of family violence may apply for confidentiality status. However, it never hurts to apply, even if you think you might not be eligible. I contacted the CAD in my area and was told that no proof of status (law enforcement or other) was required to be submitted with the application (other states may require verification). Did I mention that the applications are, in many cases, free?!

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USB Killers: What You Need To Know

The USB killer is quickly growing in fame.  The small device that fits into regular USB ports and rapidly kills the motherboard of the device is said to work on 95% of computers.  This device is loaded with capacitors that pull in electricity from the host device and then release a rapid electric pulse that will fry anything on the receiving end. PC On Fire Shoot

This happens in about 1-3 seconds and the job is done!

But, not so fast with thinking this solves everything.  I have included a video below that shows the USB Killer in action on a variety of devices.  Some computer companies have already made internal preparations for this kind of attack, so it is not 100% effective.

In the video below all devices did in fact have the port itself fried and data shut down.  So it’s useful to some degree for sure.  If you have to use this device you are already in trouble.  With the cloud in full swing these days, what you have done will probably not just be stored on the device in your hands.  Just keep in mind this is a handy device and it could buy you some time.

Here’s the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pP8TLwO_Ks

Here is the USB Kill site where you can buy one for about $50 if you order it out of the UK:  https://www.usbkill.com/order?ipa=8

If you want to pay around $80 you can order off of ebay.com .  There are many sellers.

Erase Yourself From The Internet!

You may not know this, but there is a way to remove every trace of yourself from the internet. And it can be done very inexpensively, perhaps free of cost (at least for now)! Many like minded people are tired of the endless government and internet spying conducted by ruthless corporations like Google and Facebook. Despite some of the freedom and anonymity that the internet may have initially offered in it’s early life, it now has been slowly tightening it’s tyrannical noose on all of it’s users – demanding more information of us, harvesting and storing our data and using it against the citizenry.you-are-the-hope-guy-faukes

And now there’s a more organized way to remove yourself from the online prison matrix that is the world wide web. Read more here: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2016/11/24/delete-internet/

You are the hope! Make a change for the better today.


Barndominiums: Your Ticket To Privacy

If you have moved somewhere new in the past few years, then you know that the locals come out of the woodwork trying to see who the new resident is.  Some will come by and introduce themselves and others will just ride by with a bewildered look; mouth open like they are trying to catch flies; almost crashing because they aren’t watching the road and are taking mental pictures of your estate.  For privacy seekers, this is not a good thing.  As we know here at Privacy Living, what follows the new friendly neighbor is trouble.  They get a little too familiar and then the tests start.  Power companies show up, Code Enforcement shows up, and even Law Enforcement shows up sometimes just to flex and see what kind of taxes they can get from the new guy on the block.barndominium

These are example of the nightmares faced by a privacy seeker.  But now a new popular trend is taking hold in the main stream and it is ripe to be taken advantage of.  The Barndominium is a self-explanatory name:  It is simply a barn that can be used as a dwelling.  Many trendies are now building houses that look like barns and calling them barndominiums.  That is fine, and I’m not here to debate what qualifies as a house or a barn.  What I am talking about is the opportunity to buy a property with a sturdy barn and then secretly renovating it into a nice place on the inside while maintaining the appearance of a barn on the outside.

This is a brilliant idea if you can keep it under wraps.  Here are a few things to keep in mind so you don’t get noticed.

  1. Starting from scratch is a sure sign of being noticed. Lookie-Loo’s and government spy planes along with private drones are going to see a structure pop-up where a hole in the ground once was.  Using an existing structure is best for privacy.
  2. Electricity is a consideration: Solar and wind power is always the best way to stay private if you can afford them.  For a normal person without electrical knowledge, you will want to start with a place that already has electricity.  Getting electricians on the site will always blow your cover because they have to pull permits.
  3. How about Water? – Water is more of a necessity than electricity. This is something you definitely need to have planned before you plan anything else.  Water will have to be provided by a sophisticated rain catching system or a municipal water supply.  If the ladder is the case, it is best to have your water meter near the road and far from your barndominium.  This should keep the prying eyes of the meter man away from your home.
  4. Consider Parking: You need to make space in your barn for parking.  A barn with a car parked out front looks like someone lives there.
  5. Do you have a barnyard? All nice hobby farms have a barnyard, so you should have a barnyard around your barndominium to make it authentic looking and provide extra security.  I always recommend fence as a good burglar deterrent.  This time it just needs to look like a farm fence. It should be designed to be just as difficult as any other fence for a burglar.

Finally, if you are having a little trouble convincing your better half that creating your own private barndomenium is a good idea, consider some of the beautiful creations that have already been made by many great designers.  Here’s a great barndominium facebook page:    https://www.facebook.com/Bardominium/?fref=ts

You can also check out the barndominiums on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”.  Here is one near Waco Texas that is now renting for $1200 a night:  http://www.mysanantonio.com/lifestyle/travel-outdoors/article/Barndominium-HGTV-Fixer-Upper-for-rent-8327576.php




What is the First Step to Disappearing?

If disappearing has never crossed your mind I have to suggest that you may be slightly unprepared.  All it takes is an unfortunate chain of events and any of us would be better off out of site and off the grid.  So for those just now considering disappearing:  Good job!  And for those already deep in the process: Keep digging because as you know, one missed detail can bring you down.disappear in 24 hours

The very first and most important step in disappearing is simple planning.  If I snapped my fingers right now and you had to either disappear immediately or die, which would it be?  If you are having trouble here then you obviously haven’t planned.  Don’t feel bad; I have had many clients proudly look me in the eye and tell me their ill-gotten plans to disappear only for me to have to rain on the parade and tell them just how wrong they are. If you are serious about putting together a plan we at privacy living have helped many people vanish into thin air, and of course you can get the step by step plan I have written called “Disappear in 24 Hours”  http://howto.disappear24.com/  if you are on a budget.  However, the day that you have a very short period of time to disappear is planned starting right now.  So many things can go wrong in the heat of the moment that you just won’t be able to think.  Start some sort of plan now.  DON’T PROCRASTINATE!

For those of you that came here for more than a pep talk, let me tell you what the first step to disappearing is if you happen to be reading this on that fateful day and you are out of time.  It is simple: divest yourself of all electronics immediately.  This is especially directed at phones, but cars and many forms of identification are to be left in the dust.  Anything with a signal to transmit or receive (including RFID chipped items) must be separated from you.

Good luck disappearing, and without shamelessly plugging myself too much, I believe it is imperative that you read the book.  Get it now while you can http://howto.disappear24.com/

A Story About Why This Girl Went Into Hiding

An Ivy League College Girl who is from a good home and is an “A” student suddenly decides she wants off the grid. She stops talking to friends, cleans out her bank account, sells all her possessions and checks out of society. But why? There’s a growing group of individuals who have begun to realize that the western society we’ve created with it’s complicated nature of corporate jobs, traffic, bills, social media, illness and other factors may be more harmful than good.

Unfortunately it appears that our society has become so filled with everyday stress, expectation and now spying (such as phone, drone and social media) that people are deciding not to participate in the dystopian, Matrix-like future we’ve created for ourselves. People are tired of being spied upon, tired of tolerating micro-managers and corporate policies, tired of fighting for less and less money, tired of owing the bankers, tired of having less and less privacy in their home and tired of conforming to the wills of the tyrants who run our governments.

Will you take the red pill or the blue one? Morpheus is waiting…

Read more: http://nypost.com/2016/05/29/why-i-had-to-escape-my-ivy-league-life-and-disappear/

Also, if you haven’t checked out our book called Disappear in 24 Hours, you should check it out!

morpheus red blue pill

What is a Burner Phone? How Can it Help Me?

How do you securely communicate?
Many people are looking for an effective way to communicate without being monitored.  These people are not terrorists.  For the most part, they are normal people that value privacy.  Others may be government officials with information that needs to be sent quickly but in confidence.  Many more of these people are private business owners with a Million Dollar idea but are afraid the idea will be intercepted by unscrupulous business people or foreign governments.
burner phone girl
This is where the idea of the “Burner Phone” comes in.  A burner phone is one that is not attached to your name in any way and it can be effective in some scenarios.  On many occasions I have warned, however that due to facial recognition software on cameras, “phone pairing”, cell tower pinging, and voice recognition software this is not perfect.  The NSA, Chinese Government, and Russian Government are likely to know who you are and listen to you if they find you of interest.  Of course we know the NSA is listening and reading all the time, so you should know up front that you are most likely not going to skirt them.
The Purpose of a Burner Phone
Despite my warnings above, the burner phone does serve a purpose.  If you are trying to avoid anyone other than the above, you have a good chance of privacy.  A former spouse or lover, another employer, business competition and criminals out to get you can be thwarted with the proper use of a burner phone.
There are several ways to get a phone without having your name attached to it.  The easiest is to go to a gas station (check for cameras if you are very paranoid) or chain store that sells prepaid phones or phone cards.  You must use only cash if you wish to avoid a credit card trail.  I will eventually write a burner phone review of multiple brands, but for now let’s continue learning about the essentials.  A review of something you don’t know how to properly operate would be useless.
The Essentials of a Burner Phone
Unless you want to create a “burner email” don’t bother getting one with internet access.  This will just complicate things.  Secondly avoid a phone with a camera.  If there is no option then make sure you put black tape over the camera holes before you even turn it on.  Some have cameras and finger print ID in the screens so avoid screens if possible.  The simpler the better, because if you intend to protect your privacy you will destroy and trash this phone on a regular basis.  This means getting a new number and everything. So save some money and get a simple one.
The most important essential of a burner phone is a removable battery.  Phones can be remotely turned on and monitored, as well as pinged on the nearest cell tower.  This is why you should never use your burner phone at work or home, and when done the battery should be immediately removed until the next use (preferably at a busy intersection or shopping center away from places you frequent).  The last tip is almost as important as removing the battery.  You must never allow your burner phone to be on in the same area as your main phone.  You can easily be identified when the two signals are paired together.
Who are you talking to?
If you are talking to a person who has not bothered to use these tactics you can also be identified.  If you talk to someone a lot on your normal phone and then all of a sudden you call them from your burner phone, you can easily be found out.  Perhaps the wise thing to do, is to get 2 burner phones; one for you and the other for your business partner.  Talking itself is a problem.  This is why following procedure here can only be mostly successful.  Voice recognition software used by many governments and high-tech corporate thieves will identify you in less than 1 second.
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Hillary’s Ghost Address: How the Arkansas First Lady got Elected to be New York’s US Senator

This should be fun, since I usually don’t get to mix political dirt with the essentials of privacy but this story has it all!  After JFK Jr.’s unfortunate plane crash which effectively left the race for New York senator wide open in the year 1999, it was no surprise that the Clintons purchased a mansion in Chappaqua, New York.  The only obstacle standing in the way of the former Arkansas first lady’s New York senate seat was the requirement of New York residency.  That’s how Hillary became a US Senator for the state of New York with few credentials.  The word “shameless” comes to mind but I didn’t put this all together for entertainment.  You can get that reading a tabloid.

Creating the Illusion

The fun starts in late 2000 when the Clintons purchased another mansion in Washington D.C. on Whitehaven Street.  This seemed to be a good idea since Mrs. Clinton was a senator in Washington at the time.  However, this appears to be where she has actually lived for the past 16 years.  New York is still maintained as her home but she holds fund raisers, throws parties, and has important meetings at her real home on Whitehaven Street.  A February 2015 article from  The Hill entitled “Where does Hillary 2016 Begin? In This Washington Home” describes the situation beautifully.  I have it linked here http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/233274-hillarys-whitehaven-home-is-heart-of-nascent-campaign  but this is my favorite quote from the article:

“Associates point out that the home is not a show-and-tell, museum-like house. There aren’t any grip-and-grin photos with heads of state or a wall of fame with A-listers.

Instead, there are personal touches, family photos, a Nelson Mandela coffee table book. The house’s butter-yellow color walls have been a personal favorite for Clinton, who has used the same hue in previous homes.

“It’s definitely the place where she feels most comfortable and the place where she tries to get people to feel most comfortable,” said one longtime Clinton ally who has visited the home a number of times over the years. “She uses it as a home, as an office, as a staging ground for important meetings, it’s all of those things.”

Make Your Own Ghost Address

Let’s just be honest here; Washington is her home.  However, holding the New York address has always created political advantages.  Genius in my opinion!  If you are asking my opinion about what I personally think of Mrs. Clinton, you won’t get it here, but her battle plan is Genius!  By owning the home in Washington, she is in close proximity to all the political action, and when on the campaign trail she can tell New Yorkers “I’m one of you”. hidden forest home waterfall

The main point I want to convey to you, the reader is that when you think things through you can create advantages for yourself.  Here in the privacy world we like to be left alone and not found.  You can easily create your own ghost address and take control of your privacy situation by taking a few easy steps.  For brevity, I will just tell you it does involve you moving, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move very far.  We offer consulting here at www.privacyliving.com and we also sell the book “Disappear in 24 Hours” by Lonn E Wolfenstein for serious privacy seekers:  http://howto.disappear24.com/

The elite are making moves to keep themselves on top.   You can do the same and do good things.

Read about how voter fraud was alleged in a small Texas town and how where you sleep at night and where you vote are linked: http://m.themonitor.com/news/local/depositions-from-voters-show-flexible-residencies-in-weslaco-election-challenge/article_00b465b4-b497-11e3-9b05-0017a43b2370.html?mode=jqm

Note: Creating ghost addresses can have numerous side effects or restrictions on how you live your life – such as your ability to vote where you desire or where you obtain your driver’s license. However, this is not a new or illicit concept; a ghost address is something the wealthy and elite have used for years.


The Fastest Growing Economy in Europe

I don’t necessarily recommend just packing up and bailing out of your own home country, but for some it is not an option.  Sometimes things just happen and you need to move along.  So if you are country shopping you might find it interesting that Ireland has the fastest growing economy in Europe.  Last year Ireland’s economy grew 7.8% which is greater than China and the US. ireland

The factors that caused this are mostly sound common sense principals but the two that I find most notable are #1: Ireland has a low corporate tax rate (12.5%) that is dwarfed by the Unites States 39% corporate tax rate (This is what attracts business). #2:  Ireland is prosecuting the bankers that crashed their economy in 2008.  Ireland recently extradited David Drumm, former chief executive of Irish Anglo Bank, back from his hide out in Boston Massachusetts on 33 charges, including forgery and fraud. (This restores public trust)

Now, how does this help you?  Keep your eye on Ireland.  If they continue to grow I will recommend them as a place to expatriate to.  My only word of warning is that unemployment in Ireland is still at 8.6% so don’t expect to hop off a boat and be flooded with job opportunities.   However, this is a European country and if you land a job it will pay way better than a job in most Latin American or African countries.  It is important when planning a move to consider how easily you can get work as an immigrant as well as what it will pay and how you will be treated.  At this time, for those very reasons, I have Ireland on my watch list and you should too.