Snowmaggedon 2016! Be Prepared.

Are you prepared for an emergency if disaster strikes where you live? There are many examples of disasters, both man-made and natural: EMP event, power outage, hurricane, terrorist strike, nuclear explosion, financial crisis and more. This week, the historic winter storm Jonas is expected to strike the Maryland/Washington D.C. area and people are raiding store shelves in a panicked rush to gather food. There’s a good likelihood that power will be out for a period of time, people will be stranded in their vehicles on highways and other problems will crop up. After all, history has shown over and over what happens when storms hit.on the road

You should ask yourself if you would be ready for a similar emergency event. It’s never a question of “if” disaster will strike; it’s always a question of “when?”. So are you prepared?

#Snowmaggedon2016: Empty Store Shelves As Panicked Shoppers Ransack Grocery Stores


EMP ATTACK: Will You Live or Die?

It has been documented over and over by reputable sources including the late Dr. Stan Monteith that in the event of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack 90% of the US population would be dead within 1 year.  This may come as startling news to those who think of it as just another disaster like hurricane Katrina or 9-11.  Those Events were very bad and nasty but they were also localized.  In the event of an EMP attack all of North America will be affected.  This means that volunteers won’t be coming to your area from other states to help because they will have their hands full right at home.
The funny thing about an EMP is that it could hit in the middle of the night and you may not even know it happened until you wake up the next morning late for work because none of your electronics work.  Depending on your water system, you may or may not have water but it will run out soon.  Your car will not start unless you have a classic (the pre-1975 era) and that won’t matter for long either because the gas pumps at your local station run on electricity and they will be dead too.  I can keep going but you get the picture.  Our country is tied into a grid system and if there is any kind of nuclear detonation over the United States or a freak solar flare that grid will be literally fried.nuclear explosion cloud
I’m not much into the science of it all but I am totally into advising my readers on what is the best course of action here.  I do believe it is coming for 2 reasons.  We all must look for signs of things coming just like a Native American tracker would do on a hunt.  The first sign is that congress is well aware of the vulnerability of our weak grid.  They are doing nothing.  They would rather worry about the alleged epidemic of shootings or Global Warming.  The mass shootings that will take place after an EMP will skyrocket because the bands of roaming gangs will kill and eat anything that moves (including humans).  It will be a lot like the cannibal situation on the hit TV show “The Walking Dead”.  When you get hungry you will eat whatever you can, even if you are a nice guy or girl.  My second sign follows the first.  The Power lines that are currently up and being put up are just as vulnerable as the ones put up years and years ago before EMP was a well known threat.  I believe Electric companies and congress have all decided that it will be more efficient to continue the status quo and when this is allowed to happen, a big power grab can take place.  Meanwhile the 90% population cull that the ruling class has wanted can also take place.
Survival Is The Hard Part
Imagine if you were dropped in a desert or a snowy mountain area with nothing.  There are priorities: First is water, Second is food, Third is Shelter.  If you can get these 3 covered the rest is a luxury.  The great thing here is that you are not being dropped off anywhere.  You are reading this from home or your office right now and there are stores open that sell everything you need.  You can get yourself ready to go and be miles ahead of the others.  90% of them are going to die in a year.  You and your family can join the 10% of survivors right now.  Don’t wait.  Procrastination is the difference between you and the rest of them.
EMP Electromagnetic pulse
Remember: Water, Food, Shelter-in that order.  Get a Life-Straw for each member of your family.  I have the Berkey life straw but there are several on the market.  This is a minimum.  If you can get situated with a good filtration device then you are even better off but that will take time.  You can start on that project as soon as you get the easy stuff out of the way.
Next you need a 90 day to 4 month food supply for each member of your family.  This could be food you harvest yourself or food you purchase from places like www.mypatriotsupply.com or www.efoodsdirect.com.  Get it now.  Yes, the issues will continue after 4 months but my second piece of advice is to get a small caliber weapon with lots of cheap ammunition.  This will be used to kill and eat anything you see (not humans).  Use what you hunt first and use your stored food as a bonus.
You may think the shelter issue is covered since you have a place to stay, but not so fast.  A house or apartment and shelter are not the same when cannibals and robbers are roaming around.  Your best bet is to set yourself up outside of a heavily populated area where you have less unprepared humans to deal with and more small game to eat.  If you can’t do that right now then you need to at least black out your windows and barricade your doors.  You need to use something black to cover all sources of light that can escape your dwelling.  You should also have a shotgun and the willingness to use it on anyone who attempts to breach your dwelling.  Do some research on securing your home.  Bottom line is if you decide to stay in a heavily populated area you are increasing your chances of death.  You need to start moving on this issue now.
The EMP is coming.  Change your priorities now.  Nothing else matters but your family’s survival.
You have been warned.