Safety Warning: Target Bathroom Policy is a Privacy Issue

For those of us who have ever been tailed by private I’s, pesky journalists or foreign “diplomats” sometimes a bathroom stall is an escape option if that individual is of the opposite sex.  I happen to personally disagree with Target’s decision to make private facilities available to any sex but the loss of an escape route is what I want to discuss here.  Lets step outside of the argument over right and wrong in sexual desires and discuss how this relates to privacy alone.  The restroom is a private (sometimes soundproof and quiet) place and a lot can happen there.
All they can do is file a report after the damage is done.
transgender bathroom target
There are many scenarios that can go very bad just because of the confusion Target is causing here.  My first thought is the issue of child predators that could dress as a woman and enter the women’s restroom at target and use it as a hunting ground but that is already reported in other articles.  How about this scenario:  Since it will be ok for men and women to go into the Target restroom, it is a great place for sexual hook ups.  When a person walks into the restroom and hears a woman screaming in the bathroom stall she could be getting raped, murdered, or just be having a good time.  Nobody will know.  Entering a bathroom stall to break this up would be an invasion of privacy if the latter is going on.  So now when a person enters a Target restroom they never know what danger lurks.  This is guaranteed to happen.  There is nothing security can do to stop it.  All they can do is file a report after the damage is done.
Don’t go into a Target restroom unless you want to compromise your privacy and safety.
People are going to be robbed in Target restrooms, at a minimum and I am advising you to stay out of Target stores in my opinion.  Any person who desires privacy and desires to set themselves up for success will not walk into a trap like this.  Lots of stores sell the same items that Target sells and it would be safer to go to those stores.  Life is dangerous but we can all cut our losses by making sound safety and privacy decisions.  We stay out of neighborhoods known for drugs and crime, we drive reasonably, and we don’t share our internet passwords with strangers because deviations just make life more dangerous.  This bathroom issue is the same.  Don’t go into a Target restroom unless you want to compromise your privacy and safety.
Just being a man is not good enough to think that you will be immune to this either.  As I mentioned in the first line, if you are being followed by a woman, it would be just as easy for her to go into the men’s restroom with you and monitor you, or kill you.  There are women out there that are specially trained to fight men and they can and they will win in many cases.  The “weaker sex” argument is just weak!  Don’t fool yourself.
transgender bathroom tranny
Now you can Boycott Target
If you think I am alone in my thinking you should check out  They have started a boycott of Target that is now at 1.2 million signatures.  If you would like to sign up go here:

Google Yourself – Are you Hard To Find?

For some time now I’ve been pondering how hard it would be for someone to find me by simply doing a Google search. I like to think that as a privacy advocate and one who is guarded about my personal information, I would be difficult to find. Google yourself now and you may be surprised by how much of a “footprint” your digital data leaves for a stranger to follow.island house rock

Recently, I was put to the test, so to speak. As a proud entrepreneur, I’ve been involved in several successful small enterprises in the past. One of those was an online business that I ceased operation after moving my family to a new city. Later, one of my past clients was apparently trying to contact me to access some information that I retained (he had lost his copy). The good news is that initially he had difficulty finding me.

As a side note, we at have developed several techniques that allow one to separate from the previous life (such as changing phone numbers, new address, etc., removing an online presence and much more complicated methods). We also wrote the book, so to speak, on disappearing. Read “How To Disappear in 24 Hours.”

However, these days it’s getting harder to remain anonymous and off the radar.

castle doors

Ultimately, my client did find me, sort of. Using an online subscription pay service (there are lots of them online), he was able to find a mailbox (not home address) that I occasionally check. This is a little how a “skip-tracer” works, and also how you destroy a sweater: Find the one loose thread and it can be the undoing of the sweater, and you. The good news is that I’m glad to help my client and he’s not a bad guy looking to harm me.

As a privacy advocate, I’m proud to say that it would take some much more sophisticated digging to find me. But it’s a lesson to all of us that your information is being cataloged online by organizations who will sell it to the highest bidder, whether it be your home address, phone number, business information and more.

If you think you might be in danger of being found or you work in an industry (such as law enforcement) where you make lots of enemies, consider reading “How To Disappear in 24 Hours.” You can also contact us for a consultation that is tailored to your situation.

In the 21st Century, your privacy is paramount!

A Picture Of The Dystopian Future? A Clockwork Orange

“The film [A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick – 1972], like the book, depicts a dystopian future filled with “ultra-violence,” gangs of “droogs” and depravity at every turn. The four main characters — including McDowell’s lead character Alex — spend their free time in a bar where they drink drug-laced milk in preparation for an evening filled with violence, mayhem and even rape.” – Daily News Article 2016

Is this where our future in America is headed? We hope not. orange kubrick

Are You Prepared For The Storm? Lessons Learned

Last spring, there were some severe storms that passed through my region of the country, creating serious concern amongst my family and friends. Multiple tornadoes were spotted in the area and all the weather information services that we rely upon were directing residents to take cover and prepare for some serious and potentially deadly storms. Based upon past experience and knowledge of my region, I took the warnings very seriously and I must admit that I felt a little bit powerless.

Normally I feel pretty prepared; we’re never prepared enough, but a certain level of preparation gives us a sense of well-being and allows one to sleep better at night. But when a tornado rolls into town, knowing the magnitude of death and destruction that can be caused, you start to second guess how prepared you are.tornado shelter natural

My family sheltered in place during the storm. Since we don’t have a storm shelter or bunker, we hurried into a room/closet area where there are no windows in our home. Luckily, the storm passed over within an hour or so and things returned to normal. But during the storm, some well-layed plans didn’t happen as they were supposed to. And Murphy’s Law was in play (What can go wrong will go wrong)! Here are some lessons we learned and want to share with you so that you are better prepared.

  1. Have batteries on hand. Inevitably, something that uses batteries will need more than you expect. Common battery sizes to stock are AA, AAA, 3V, 9V, C and D. Check your equipment for what you commonly use.
  2. Expect things to fail. Murphy’s Law is always in play. Test anything you think that might be vital during an emergency. Then check it again. My phone failed and I couldn’t call anyone during the emergency. My wife’s battery on her phone went dead. Bad planning!
  3. Put supplies in the room that you will be sheltering in. You need water and snacks. If you will be there for a long period of time (more than 8 hrs), then your plan should include things like real food, entertainment (playing cards, games), portable toilet (plastic 5 gallon bucket w/ lid works), weather radio, basic first aid kit and more.
  4. Prepare for stress and heat or cold. During our experience, the electricity was out at our home and the house got hot fast. A bunch of people cramped into a small area tend to create lots of heat and tempers can flare. Have hot or cold weather clothing. Cold drinks go a long way when it’s hot; chemical heat packs and warm clothes help if there’s extreme cold.
  5. Flashlight and basic tools. Sometimes overlooked – a flashlight is worth it’s weight in gold during an emergency. Include some basic tools like hammer, screw drivers, crowbar, etc. You may have to break through debris to get outside of your house after a storm. Put them near the emergency supplies/storm closet.
  6. Technology will let you down – go old school. Develop different strategies for getting what you need from different sources. For example, during the storm I thought I could depend on my phone’s weather app; The app failed, then my phone froze. Luckily, I had my trusty old weather radio and lots of batteries! A land line phone may be an option too, if satellite phone is not affordable.emergency supplies