The Death of Cash is Coming

Governments are always looking out for themselves first, and it’s the same old thing that has been going on for hundreds of years. The Indians recently did the same thing. They withdrew 86 percent of the currency in circulation, and they have now made it illegal to spend more than, I think it’s about $4,000 in any cash transaction. In France you cannot use more than, I think it’s a €1,000,”said Rogers in an interview with MacroVoices Podcast.

We’ve blogged on this topic before, but this issue is ready to boil over at any moment. And the scary part is that one day you will have cash, and the next day you won’t. It may happen overnight, literally! This is a scary thing because our financial privacy is at stake here. No one wants every transaction they make to be tracked and taxed. But thats what the governments of the world are trying to achieve. Total control.

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How Safe are your Wi-Fi Connections and Apps?

When you have your cell phone or other smart device with you the NSA is watching.  We all know that but sometimes we need to be reminded.  Keep in mind that there are no known exceptions to this rule.  If there was one I would be skeptical, but if you have to have a phone, why not get the most secure phone possible?

After reading and hearing all of the negatives posted about the Black Phone from Silent Circle I am still a supporter.  I think many of the negative reports are coming from competitors and sold out individuals who care more about the quality of their “selfies” than they do about being watched by data mining corporations and foreign governments.wi-fi-privacy

I will concede that the Black Phone is not exactly what I would build.  For example: I don’t think a camera belongs on a phone at all, unless it is self-contained in its own compartment with zero internet capability. However, I commend Silent Circle for their innovation in the areas of Wi-Fi and App security.blackphone-privacy-cell

Wi-Fi Connections

The Black Phone has the capability of automatically shutting off Wi-Fi when you leave the range of your current connection.  This is a no nonsense security measure but it doesn’t serve corporate greed.  On most phones, when you leave your current Wi-Fi network, your phone will continue to search for another.  This is dangerous.  Even if you don’t like the Black Phone please keep your phone on Airplane mode if you are not using it in a secure area of your choosing.


When you sign up for most apps, there is a multi-page agreement that nobody wants to read.  Within that agreement you give up your privacy, but most people do it because they want the app.  With the Black Phone there is a way to get many apps without giving the corporate bullies access to your camera and contacts list.

I realize this seems like a commercial but I am not being paid by Silent Circle.  It just seems like a decent product they are producing here in a world that knows nothing but theft and fleecing of consumers.  Below I have an interview from 2014 about the qualities of the Black Phone.  There is now a Black Phone 2 with even more features and sells for just under $600.

Check it out if you wish to boost privacy, but keep in mind you are never 100% safe on a phone.


The Cash Genocide Has Started

A currency genocide has begun world wide, and the first shot has been fired in India. This began in India just a few weeks ago, and may be spreading to the United States.

Citizens of India learned, with only a few hours’ notice, that their 500 and 1,000-rupee notes were no longer legal tender. Those are—or were—the country’s largest-denomination bills and the foundation of a huge underground economy. Now they’re just paper. The results were what you would expect: confusion, chaos, and fear. – []

gold-money-warMost people still use cash for transactions, whether it be to buy a soda at a corner store, sell items at a garage sale or to purchase vegetables at a farmer’s market. Yet cash is now under fire from central banks worldwide. The banks don’t like cash because they cannot control it and tax it. So they feel they must get rid of it, and they make ridiculous excuses as to why they should get rid of cash: it’s too easily counterfeited, it’s part of the drug money laundering trade and many more excuses – all of which are absurd and without merit.

Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers published an article last week stating that “nothing in the Indian experience gives us pause in recommending that no more large notes be created in the United States, Europe, and around the world. In other words, despite the India chaos, Summers thinks we should still curtail the $100 bill.” –

Imagine what it would be like if we couldn’t use the $50 or $100 bills. Despite what the talking head economists say, inflation is rampant in the US. Anyone who’s been buying bread and milk for the last 10 years or more can tell you the price is much higher now then it was then. This is inflation at it’s core. The need for larger bills has never been higher with inflation chipping away at our incomes, yet the banks want to get rid of cash. It’s madness!

America has always been about freedom. Freedom of religion, freedom to speak out and be represented, and economic freedom. Yet our freedoms truly are under fire every day. What will you do to protect your freedoms?

Erase Yourself From The Internet!

You may not know this, but there is a way to remove every trace of yourself from the internet. And it can be done very inexpensively, perhaps free of cost (at least for now)! Many like minded people are tired of the endless government and internet spying conducted by ruthless corporations like Google and Facebook. Despite some of the freedom and anonymity that the internet may have initially offered in it’s early life, it now has been slowly tightening it’s tyrannical noose on all of it’s users – demanding more information of us, harvesting and storing our data and using it against the

And now there’s a more organized way to remove yourself from the online prison matrix that is the world wide web. Read more here:

You are the hope! Make a change for the better today.


How to Do a Real Acid Wash on Emails: Not the CNN Fact Check method

I’m so fed up with these CNN fact checkers!  This time it’s the “acid wash” bit where everything I try to look up for the first 10 pages of the web are Donald Trump “fact checks”.  Who cares what was said?  The real thing you are looking for is a fool proof way of dissolving your information where somebody can’t recover it and then use it against you or your family.  You are now at the right place.
Destroying a Hard Drive the Correct Way
First of all, in my book “Disappear in 24 Hours”, I discuss that there is only one good way of destroying a hard drive.  Boil it for a good while and then put it in the microwave until you start to hear lots of popping noises.  Then take a hammer and smash away.  Smash it into the smallest pieces you can get it into.  Next, find some trash cans or dumpsters around town to throw a few pieces at a time away.  I do like the idea of throwing pieces of the boiled, cooked and smashed hard drive into black water but I hate the idea of littering, so don’t do that.destroy-computer-hard-drive-hammer
Though I believe my original routine to be quite sufficient, I neglected, in my book to explain that another great strategy before destroying a hard drive is to delete everything and overwrite it.  Secondly, the acid idea is not in my book because it is a book based on time efficiency and I doubt the reader would have time or be in a position to shop around town for the chemicals needed.  Here is the acid destruction solution:
It takes a mixture of Nitric Acid (HNO3) and Hydrochloric acid (HCL) in a glass container.  Heed my warning about the glass container please!  Anything left after a couple hours in that solution and you can take those to the next level of smashing and dumping.
The Real Acid Wash of Emails
As far as the acid wash of emails is concerned that would not be a physical process.  This is a fabled process according to the usual bloggers but I am quite certain after speaking to some sources that there is a process of actually destroying actual emails and anywhere those emails may have been received or sent from can also be dealt with.  This process would require a very skilled individual in an administrative position to go into the system through a “back door” and remove the data.  This may be called “acid washing” in a metaphoric sort of way.  An example of this is Amazon Kindle.  They call it “Kindle” because it is symbolism for a book burning.  In this case no real acid is involved.  Due to the position it would require along with the risk and skill involved we can extrapolate that it is a very expensive process, as Trump stated in the debate.
So is Hillary in the Clear?
There are only 2 problems with the acid wash method: Screen shots, and hackers.  Screen shots are self explanatory.  A screen shot taken and kept out of reach is a hard copy.  Secondly, if a hacker gets into the email and takes information for himself before the acid wash then the information is still out there.  So when it comes to the hacking situation we see, the Clintons still have a problem.
Most of us could never imagine being able to afford an acid wash, so my best advice is to stick with a device that is not traceable and use a pseudonym when communicating.  When it comes time to ditch it, follow my original advice from the book “Disappear in 24 Hours”.  At Privacy Living we also offer hard drive destruction for our members.  For more information on that contact us on the blog.

Is Your Job Strong Enough For the After-Election Depression?

dirty job worker

We are living in uncertain times as you know, and we all must all work together to hold the frayed ends of humanity together as evil threatens to tear us apart.  Today my contribution to you is a reminder that you need to secure a stable business for yourself to fall back on if and when your “steady job” gets converted to a lay off.  This is a real threat to all and I recommend sharing this message to all.  This election is going to have serious consequences even if your favorite candidate wins.

If Hillary Wins

Unfortunately the Libertarian and Green parties don’t have a chance so you can think what you want there.   Back here in reality we have 2 real possibilities for president.  If Clinton wins you can expect at minimum 4 years of the same thing we had for the past 8, but there is a factor I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else.  Donald Trump has been setting up his run for President for a long time.  He may have some overseas companies but many of the more than 500 companies he owns are right here in America.  If Clinton wins, Trump will not feel welcome in America and he will promptly move as many of his companies overseas.  The ones that stay (like his Hotels) will do what you can imagine: They will bring in cheaper “undocumented” labor.  This is bad for you and all other current US residents.  It could start a new Great Depression.

If Trump Wins

On the other hand, a Trump win will not be so squeaky clean either.  While I think Trump is hands down the better option we all have to consider that there are some very powerful people that really hate the ideas of America, freedom, and Capitalism.  They are more in love with wealth re-distribution and “governing” the people.  If Trump wins, these people will pull every dirty trick in the book to bring down America under Trump’s watch.  They will pull their businesses out of America and they will try to hurt the job market so that John Q Public suffers and when they complain, the trouble makers will be right there to say “See we tried to warn you about Trump”.  This could be a manufactured Great Depression.  Meanwhile, what will you be doing to provide for your family?

How to Provide in Crisis

It all leads back to this:  You must find an income source that will stand strong in the face of depression.  In his book “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know it”, James Wesley Rawles advises that you must consider something others won’t want to do.  Dangerous, dirty or hard is what Rawles suggests.  I personally recommend dirty or hard but not too dangerous.  In the world we live in today an OSHA official might declare any job dangerous but that isn’t what I mean.  Just don’t take huge safety risks in your second career.  I am a living testament to dangerous jobs.  It is how I survived for a long time and I have the scars to prove it.  In a dangerous job you can’t make any income or provide for your family if you get hurt, so take a hard or dirty job.  Rawles suggests something to the effect of a septic pump service but also suggests an internet/ mail order business if you are organized.

The beauty of starting your business is that you can get it going and have it running if you lose your job. However, if you really can’t run a business, your last resort would be to get a job doing one of those jobs that nobody likes for a paycheck.  My advice is to get moving on that right now.  You don’t want to be looking for a job when everybody else gets laid off.  Rawles suggests things like sanitation workers or sewer technicians.  Dirty jobs but while everyone else is starving you will be bringing home a check.  The biggest thing you need to understand is you need to get moving on this one today.

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The Police Are At My Door; What Should I Do?

A big portion of being effective with your privacy is knowing the law. I don’t mean bending the rules or breaking the law – I mean knowing your rights and being able to exercise them to your advantage, including not incriminating yourself (which is easy to do these days). As much as we appreciate the good cops who protect us, we must prepare ourselves for that one guy who wants to operate outside of the lines and make an easy “collar” or arrest, without regards to privacy or your rights. So what do you do when the police come to your door? Here are some really helpful links from legal experts. The answer may surprise you.

police swat team at your door

Flex Your Rights Website:

Criminal Defense Expert Says “Don’t Talk To Police”!

How to Prevent a Code Enforcement Raid on Your Home Business

One of the joys of living a private lifestyle is checking out of the world that all the other walking corpses choose to live in.  No matter where you are in your quest for privacy, it has probably come to your attention that financing the private life you dream of has a few government stumbling blocks standing in your way.   Many of the readers of this blog have asked questions about how to deal with City and other municipal code enforcement officers when their business is put on hold or shut down on their own property due to an obscure law or “rule”.  Here’s a little guidance for you:

code enforcement officer

Code Enforcement Officer

Code Enforcement Tactics

First of all, I have to tell you that these guys are working under a totally different set of rules and have a mindset the exact opposite of you.  Things that seem reasonable to you as a property owner are not understood by code enforcement officers because they are under the impression that they are the actual owners of your property.  They operate much like the German Gestapo or the Cold War KGB in communist Russia.  If they think there might be a problem on your property, they will just enter without any notice or any type of warrant.  Believe me; this is all unfortunately true, right here in America!

Protecting Your Home Business

  1. If you have a home business the first best thing you can do is research from a friend’s computer in another town.  Find out if what you want to do in your particular jurisdiction is legal to run out of your house.  If you go to the city office and ask they will begin watching you (trust me I know they will).  If you look this up from the computer in your home there is also a good chance you will begin being watched.  Never underestimate these people.  They not only want your money, but they also seem to have a love for making people suffer.
  2. Once you find out the legality of the business, you will have to choose if you want to pull a permit. Getting a permit can actually be a way of telling on yourself.  If they feel like you have already been running the business they may want some back pay and by getting the permit you give them jurisdiction (at least in their mind) to enter your property for inspections.  On these inspections they will find violations to their own list of rules and fine you for those.  This all will be coming out of your family’s income.
  3. Once you have chosen to operate under the radar, just remember that they will be watching and trying to surprise attack you. Most likely the raid will come in the form of a dork with a badge driving a smart car, but there have been occasions where agents with guns drawn have entered businesses.  My example would be the armed raids on farmers selling milk.  Here is a video:

An ounce of Prevention

Once you are busted, there will be a huge legal battle and you may lose, so I suggest reading yourself to sleep every night or saving some of your profit for a legal fund.  In the meantime here are some ideas to help you avoid or at least postpone a Code Enforcement raid of your property:

  1. Do business after hours and on weekends if possible. Unless you are of particular interest to them you should be free to operate because most of them are the 9 to 5 type.  If you have items you put on display wait until after 5pm on week days and on weekends make sure you have gathered up everything before Monday morning hits.  However, beware that some municipalities will have a yard sale patrol on Saturdays.
  2. Keep controversial items out of site. If you can keep them in the garage or house that’s great but at least cover them with a tarp.  Many times there will be a law that all vehicles have to be tagged/inspected or be in working condition.  Keep them hidden.
  3. If you want your business to run smooth, try to make it look like you are compliant on every other aspect. A junky yard will attract attention.  Keep grass cut short and minimize any obvious hazards.
  4. Keep on good terms with your neighbors. These are the people who will call in on you.  People are weird.  Don’t hurt their feelings or cause problems with them if possible.
  5. If you are able to operate your business based off of appointments only that is best. This way you know who is coming to your house.  Even better, would be to meet the person somewhere like McDonalds.  If you don’t trust them try to meet them outside of the jurisdiction you live in.
  6. Always operate your business with a burner phone. If you have questions about this read my blog on burner phones.

Physical Protection

If Code Enforcement decides to get nasty with you, it is important that you create some physical barriers in order to protect yourself.  Remember, they may have guns, so don’t try to fight them.  It is my suggestion that if the officer actually makes contact with you then you should cooperate and fight it out in court.  There is no need in getting shot or creating more charges for yourself.  But here are a couple of things you can do to avoid encountering them at all:

  1. Build a fence. You may actually have to get a permit for this fence but it will be worth it.  Build it in as much of an inaccessible way as possible.  You want to make it where someone has to work to get in.  You also want it to block visibility as much as possible.
  2. Get some shrubs or other vegetation around your property. I like the kind that hurt (Cactus and yucca are among my favorites).
  3. Get some dogs. If you get the dogs and put up “Beware of Dog” signs, most people won’t come on your property.
  4. Get some cameras. If you are mild mannered this will work to your advantage if there ever is an encounter on your property.  All the evidence will be there.  If the cameras are in plain view it will also discourage “Boss Hogg” tactics.
  5. Most important of all: Do not answer the door. They are not knocking to say hi or because they are interested in your business.  It is just about a guaranteed invitation to jail, court or both.  Just stay inside until they leave.  It could save you thousands of dollars.



A Story About Why This Girl Went Into Hiding

An Ivy League College Girl who is from a good home and is an “A” student suddenly decides she wants off the grid. She stops talking to friends, cleans out her bank account, sells all her possessions and checks out of society. But why? There’s a growing group of individuals who have begun to realize that the western society we’ve created with it’s complicated nature of corporate jobs, traffic, bills, social media, illness and other factors may be more harmful than good.

Unfortunately it appears that our society has become so filled with everyday stress, expectation and now spying (such as phone, drone and social media) that people are deciding not to participate in the dystopian, Matrix-like future we’ve created for ourselves. People are tired of being spied upon, tired of tolerating micro-managers and corporate policies, tired of fighting for less and less money, tired of owing the bankers, tired of having less and less privacy in their home and tired of conforming to the wills of the tyrants who run our governments.

Will you take the red pill or the blue one? Morpheus is waiting…

Read more:

Also, if you haven’t checked out our book called Disappear in 24 Hours, you should check it out!

morpheus red blue pill

Safety Warning: Target Bathroom Policy is a Privacy Issue

For those of us who have ever been tailed by private I’s, pesky journalists or foreign “diplomats” sometimes a bathroom stall is an escape option if that individual is of the opposite sex.  I happen to personally disagree with Target’s decision to make private facilities available to any sex but the loss of an escape route is what I want to discuss here.  Lets step outside of the argument over right and wrong in sexual desires and discuss how this relates to privacy alone.  The restroom is a private (sometimes soundproof and quiet) place and a lot can happen there.
All they can do is file a report after the damage is done.
transgender bathroom target
There are many scenarios that can go very bad just because of the confusion Target is causing here.  My first thought is the issue of child predators that could dress as a woman and enter the women’s restroom at target and use it as a hunting ground but that is already reported in other articles.  How about this scenario:  Since it will be ok for men and women to go into the Target restroom, it is a great place for sexual hook ups.  When a person walks into the restroom and hears a woman screaming in the bathroom stall she could be getting raped, murdered, or just be having a good time.  Nobody will know.  Entering a bathroom stall to break this up would be an invasion of privacy if the latter is going on.  So now when a person enters a Target restroom they never know what danger lurks.  This is guaranteed to happen.  There is nothing security can do to stop it.  All they can do is file a report after the damage is done.
Don’t go into a Target restroom unless you want to compromise your privacy and safety.
People are going to be robbed in Target restrooms, at a minimum and I am advising you to stay out of Target stores in my opinion.  Any person who desires privacy and desires to set themselves up for success will not walk into a trap like this.  Lots of stores sell the same items that Target sells and it would be safer to go to those stores.  Life is dangerous but we can all cut our losses by making sound safety and privacy decisions.  We stay out of neighborhoods known for drugs and crime, we drive reasonably, and we don’t share our internet passwords with strangers because deviations just make life more dangerous.  This bathroom issue is the same.  Don’t go into a Target restroom unless you want to compromise your privacy and safety.
Just being a man is not good enough to think that you will be immune to this either.  As I mentioned in the first line, if you are being followed by a woman, it would be just as easy for her to go into the men’s restroom with you and monitor you, or kill you.  There are women out there that are specially trained to fight men and they can and they will win in many cases.  The “weaker sex” argument is just weak!  Don’t fool yourself.
transgender bathroom tranny
Now you can Boycott Target
If you think I am alone in my thinking you should check out  They have started a boycott of Target that is now at 1.2 million signatures.  If you would like to sign up go here: