The Reason ISIS Magazine and RT are Popular Media Outlets

Perhaps many are confused about the reason so many western teens are being radicalized and turned into terrorists.  At the same time many Americans who experienced the Cold War with Communist Russia first hand can’t seem to comprehend why many are flocking to Russia Today (RT) for news.  Most Americans are shocked to learn that ISIS (known as ISIL and DASH by anti-American scum) actually put out a very nice looking magazine that resembles what you would see on the racks near the grocery store check-out. ISIS Terror Magazine

In their magazine ISIS doesn’t put forth the crazy lunatic image you would imagine.  It is more geared toward the wisdom of the millennial generation and attempts to use their knowledge of Western corruption in the media and political spheres, while also tapping into the strong emotions (and lack of critical thought) of the younger readers.  ISIS continues to introduce its own version of history and current events that tend to be believable to many vulnerable people.  The question is can you blame them for falling into this trap when all they get from mainstream western media and politics is two sides of constant lies?

Similarly, RT continues to produce follow-ups on the constant lies from mainstream western media outlets.  Many RT fans in America aren’t old enough to remember when we had a constant fear of Russia attacking us.  In those days it was unthinkable to listen to what the Russians had to say but now they found a way into the West.  They cover controversial figures like Snowden and Assange; figures slapped with the label of criminal and forgotten in the western media.  Now these forgotten individuals are back because their hacks revealed more corruption in the DNC (proving the Democratic party rigged elections).  It is important to keep in mind that these men are most likely Russian agents; whether from the beginning or by conversion.  This time rather than sneaking around assassinating people all RT has to do is cover the glossed over scandals that the American media doesn’t want covered.  Again, it creates lack of confidence in one’s own country.  Again, can you blame millennials for going down this rabbit hole?

The common denominator that both RT and ISIS Magazine (“Dabik” in their language) have in common are the allure they provide to a generation abandoned by their politicians and exploited by the media.  Young people see through this and are desperately seeking the truth.  The only problem is they are coming up empty handed in the mainstream media.  In the mean time they are ripe for the manipulation of terrorists and foreign governments.  My advice for anyone reading this is to take a hard look at real facts and check multiple sources before believing anything.  When you find one lie you may realize that outlet is just full of it and you need to put on your cowboy boots when they start talking.


Are Terrorists Already Working At The Airport Near You?

“Less than a month after a news outfit reported that dozens of airport employees around the country have potential ties to terrorists, officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) admit that only three airports in the United States require workers to undergo security checks. The astounding admission, delivered this week before Congress, comes on the heels of a number of cases involving gun and drug-smuggling schemes operated by airline employees at major airports, including those located in Atlanta, New York and San Francisco.”

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TSA body search

More on TSA and Terrorism Link:

Cartels May Be Helping Terrorists Cross The US Mexico Border

“Mexican drug traffickers help Islamic terrorists stationed in Mexico cross into the United States to explore targets for future attacks, according to information forwarded to Judicial Watch by a high-ranking Homeland Security official in a border state. Among the jihadists that travel back and forth through the porous southern border is a Kuwaiti named Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, an ISIS operative who lives in the Mexican state of Chihuahua not far from El Paso, Texas. Khabir trained hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen and has lived in Mexico for more than a year, according to information provided by JW’s government source.”

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US Mexico Border Wall

Terrorists May Have Accessed Nuclear Power Plants

Revelations are now coming to light that IS terrorists associated with attacks in Belgium, Paris and fighting in Syria may have already accessed (and worked at) at least one nuclear power plant in Belgium. Apparently 2 workers at a nuclear power plant in Belgium quit work to go to Syria and fight for ISIS. Later, another potential terrorist sabotaged the plant in attempt to cause a nuclear melt down. At some point, terrorists were also videoing a top official who works at a Belgian nuclear plant, in what authorities believe was preparation to kidnap him/her and infiltrate the plant.Nuclear Power Plant

The investigation into this week’s deadly attacks in Brussels has prompted worries that the Islamic State is seeking to attack, infiltrate or sabotage nuclear installations or obtain nuclear or radioactive material. This is especially worrying in a country with a history of security lapses at its nuclear facilities, a weak intelligence apparatus and a deeply rooted terrorist network. – The New York Times, March 25, 2016

The terrorists aren’t coming, they are here! Back in the early 2000s Americans didn’t fear terrorism after things settled down subsequent to 9/11. We felt safe. Now the pendulum of terror is swinging our way again, as fears that London and the United States may be the next targets of terror.

As Worldwide Terrorism Explodes, Are You Prepared?

Terrorism, particularly related to Islamic Extremist ideals, is increasing exponentially worldwide. This week suicide bombers killed 34 people in Brussels, Belgium, the heart of Europe and NATO. Europe and many other parts of the world have opened the gates for immigrants from the Middle East (such as Syria), accepting millions displaced from their homelands. Unfortunately, with the good also come the bad, and there may be many more sleeper cells of terrorists waiting to come into action, like those who acted on Tuesday. No matter what the cause of the terrorism, it’s time for us to stand together and stop  terrorists and those who harbor them from entering into our borders.

According to The Associated Press, The Islamic State (IS) has trained at least 400 fighters to attack Europe. As we mourn those innocent people who died at the hands of cowardly terrorists, let us exponentially increase our resolve to stamp out this illness once and for all.don't mess with texas

Associated Press Article:

List of Terrorist Events that killed more than 100:

Note, there are more than 40 of these cowardly terrorist events that have occurred in the past 15 years!

Details of more recent terrorist attacks worldwide:

Is ISIS Operating Terrorist Training Camps in Mexico?

The Enquirer is reporting that ISIS may be operating a terrorist operation just 10 miles from the Texas – Mexico Border, near El Paso, Texas. If this is true, it could be the beginning of a nightmare that no one thought could happen.

Many Americans have believed in the past that wars in the Middle East, despite the involvement of western powers like the United States, would stay in the Middle East. Having an ocean and thousands of miles between America and wars in the middle east seemed like an effective buffer and may have even emboldened US foreign policy, allowing for easier public approval of foreign wars. Imagine if countries located nearer to the Middle East, such as Israel or Greece, had declared war in Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq. Public support would not be present, at least at the level it has persisted in the US.


If it is true that terrorists have begun to establish forward operating bases or camps just south of the US Border in Mexico, the war on terror will take on a new look – and it’s not pretty. Now more than ever it’s up to each individual to take it upon themselves to secure yourself and secure your home. Assess your home: are you ready to defend your castle if armed men show up at your door? What will you do?

What is your plan for a security emergency? Can you communicate with your family during an emergency? Do you have a back-up plan for where you can go to take shelter, or perhaps join like-minded others who are defending themselves?

There are many more questions to consider. Are you ready? We pray that the threat of terrorism never comes this close to home, but we must have the resolve to prepare for anything.