Facial Recognition Is Being Used At Stores Near You

Did you know stores like Wal-Mart are already using facial recognition on customers like you? If you live near a larger city or you frequent larger chain stores like Wal-Mart, your face is probably already in a database somewhere. But what’s really frightening is not that your local Wal-Mart has your face in a data base – it’s what may happen in the future with your data. And I don’t recall being notified by the store that my face was being photographed and catalogued. Hmm….welcome to the dystopian future of 1984!

facial recognition

Read more at The Hill: http://thehill.com/policy/technology/273489-business-eyes-facial-recognition-guidelines


The Future of “Suspicious Behavior” Detection Technology

Security experts in France are eyeing new technology to prevent future terrorism. The technology reportedly consists of software that analyzes video from live video feeds in public places, like a subway station, for example. Once the video feed is collected for analysis, software reviews it for things like changes in body temperature, raised voices and jerky body movements. It also looks for potential luggage or packages that have been left unattended.

video monitoring technology

The French Security Experts are also planning on launching a smartphone app that will allow citizens to report on suspicious people and things that they observe.


Wait a minute; is this a joke? Are we living in the George Orwell novel 1984 or is it 2015? Perhaps both. This whole thing sounds very Orwellian to us here at Privacy Living. Cameras that assess if you are a terrorist and apps so you can tattle on your fellow citizens? Welcome to our sad future.




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