What Information Can be Found With a Phone Number

When you consider connecting the dots to create a picture, imagine your phone number as the dot that connects everything else they know about you.  Even if they have it all, it is up to you whether or not they have the dot with your phone number to complete the hacker

All it takes to find everything is to just find that phone number connected to one of the many things we already know like your facebook account (which requires a phone number) or any shopping card from a corporate retailer you may have given your number to.  Do you still believe those corporations don’t sell or trade your private information?  Well even if you do, it doesn’t matter because they are all systematically hacked a bare minimum of every 3-5 years.

Any email you get for free is being picked off as we speak.  It doesn’t matter if you gave the provider any phone information or not.  All you have to do is reveal your phone number in the text of an email and boom!! Mission accomplished!!  Free emails mine everything that comes across your screen, including drafts.  Why do you think they always want you to “secure” your email account with a phone number?

If you have connected to an old friend or new business acquaintance by email or social media and given them your phone number in a message it is connecting you to that phone number and that media account.

It’s called the world wide WEB for a reason.  Everything you do is sucked into a giant computer and maintained for profit and micromanagement of the public.  A good researcher can take an unknown phone number and use cell towers to “pair” it with other devices already known to be in your name.  For example: a burner phone (see our article on burner phones ) can have its owner pegged pretty efficiently when it is continually detected near the same owner’s normal cell phone or other smart device.  This can include cars with smart devices embedded in them.  By detecting an unknown phone continually traveling to the same places and staying at the same address all night along with already known devices it is easy to deduce that you are the owner.

As you can see, being truly anonymous requires some serious work but it is possible.  You can always pick up a copy of “Disappear in 24 Hours” by Lonn E Wolfenstein if you want to do a total makeover.  The book is available at Brave New Books in Austin TX or can be ordered by clicking the products link at the top of this page.

A Desperate Phone Call From Sam To Sovereign Man

One of my favorite websites to visit and favorite newsletters is one written by Sovereign Man. He always has lots of great information about living abroad and politics in the United States. I wanted to share this post from Sovereign Man I received today by email. If you haven’t checked out their website or signed up for the newsletter, I highly recommend both. Enjoy..

Company Logo

March 30, 2016

Santiago, Chile


Yesterday I received a rather desperate phone call from a relative of mine named Sam.

I used to spend a LOT of time with Sam growing up. And back then he was an amazing guy.

Sam was the kind of person who was so charismatic that you felt happy and excited just being around him.

He was an incredibly positive person with a keen interest in helping others.

I remember how frequently he used to start some meaningful project to benefit his community, or quite often less-fortunate people thousands of miles away that he had never met.

Sam was also incredibly successful. He was just one of those people who always seemed to be able to make money. And over the course of his life he amassed substantial wealth.

Sam was constantly learning and creating; he was in to art, science, technology… a real Renaissance man.

Most of all, Sam was a person of rock-solid integrity. He stood up for his values, and the rest of us deeply respected him.

I’m really grateful to have had his mentorship for so long, and I know that I’m a better person as a result of his influence.

But starting around 15 years ago, Sam started to change.

He went through a major personal crisis… the kind of thing you hope to never have to experience in life.

It was absolutely terrible. And the entire family rallied around him in support.

I personally spent several years of my life going to bat for Sam, and I sacrificed a lot for him. The whole family did.

But Sam never recovered. In fact he just got worse.

He started making the most incredibly bizarre financial decisions, squandering away his wealth in ways that just seemed completely crazy to the rest of the family.

He had dozens of businesses at that point, and ALL of them were losing money.

But he refused to make any changes. He refused to tighten the business spending. In fact he started spending even more, squandering what little wealth he had left.

We tried to help. Some of his accountants approached us at one point and gave us a snapshot of Sam’s finances. It was gruesome.

This guy had easily been the wealthiest person we had all known. But he had been reduced, at least on paper, to poverty.

His debts were astronomical, and he hardly had any savings or assets left other than his house and a few fancy antiques.

But Sam refused to believe it; he insisted on living like the multi-millionaire he had always been, even though he no longer had any income to support his lifestyle.

It was so bad that the entire family had to chip in and start putting money into his bank account on a monthly basis.

But whatever amount we could muster was barely enough to cover Sam’s most basic living expenses, let alone all the luxury he was accustomed to.

And we couldn’t even begin to make a dent in Sam’s debt burden, which was growing by the day. We found out later that he had even gone into debt with some pretty shady characters.

We tried intervening again and again. But Sam wouldn’t listen.

And despite all the help and support we had extended him, Sam ultimately turned on his own family, attacking the people who loved him most.

He used to ring us up, and sometimes even show up on our doorsteps in the middle of the night, demanding money… screaming that we had an obligation as a family to pay him.

He even got violent with some of my relatives; with others he broke into their houses and stole from them.

At some point there was a complete mental breakdown, and he became totally paranoid. He started taking letters from the mailbox and reading our mail.

And he even ratted out a few of my relatives to the authorities for some petty violations of the municipal code.

A few members of the family started to distance themselves from Sam; at that point the guy was a loose cannon and becoming dangerous.

We found out later that he started embezzling funds from his companies. He’d taken money out of his employees’ pension accounts for his own personal use.

And he’d leaned heavily on his reputation in the business community to build a giant fraudulent pyramid scheme.

It was really sad.

Sam had changed. There were always good days and bad days, and sometimes I would occasionally see flashes of the old Sam.

But for the most part his desperation had made him petty, deceitful, and abusive, even with his own family.

And the man I had once known– that strong, honorable Sam who always stood up for what was right– was long gone.

He and I had once been so close, and he was such an important mentor in my life.

But at a certain point I had to recognize that there were too many things about another person’s life that were beyond my ability to fix.

I will always love my Uncle Sam and be grateful for his life lessons and the fond memories of our time together.

But I finally had to move on with my own life and become free of his destructive behavior.

It was a hard decision. But I know it was the right one.

It’s natural to want to help family; but to continue enabling someone so abusive only makes his problem worse.

And I realized that the old Sam still exists. He’s within me. And all the rest of the family.

So the best thing I can really do for him is to emulate all the good qualities he used to have… and continue to live by most important values that Sam once stood for.


Sam may be your Uncle too… because Sam is America.


Until tomorrow,

Simon Black


sovereign man

Facial Recognition Is Being Used At Stores Near You

Did you know stores like Wal-Mart are already using facial recognition on customers like you? If you live near a larger city or you frequent larger chain stores like Wal-Mart, your face is probably already in a database somewhere. But what’s really frightening is not that your local Wal-Mart has your face in a data base – it’s what may happen in the future with your data. And I don’t recall being notified by the store that my face was being photographed and catalogued. Hmm….welcome to the dystopian future of 1984!

facial recognition

Read more at The Hill:

What Apple, The FBI and Getting Hacked on a Plane Have in Common

A USA Today reporter who was using wi-fi internet service on a commercial flight recently had his laptop hacked mid-flight. What’s even weirder, the hacker, who was on the same flight with him during the hacking incident, stopped the reporter after the flight and said this:airplane hacker

““That’s how I [hacker] know you’re interested in the Apple story,” he continued. “Imagine if you had been doing a financial transaction. What if you were making a date to see a whore?” My [reporter] mind raced: What about my health records? My legal documents? My Facebook messages?”

We should all be concerned about our privacy. Technology is racing forward and light speed, and our government either doesn’t know how to deal with it or has decided to take advantage of us and make us give up our privacy.

USA Today article:



Snowden Talks Cell Phone Privacy

In late 2015, Edward Snowden discussed cell phone privacy with BBC in a candid interview.

Snowden says: “They want to own your phone instead of you.” It sounds very much like he means we are being purposefully encouraged to buy our own tracking devices. That kinda saved the government some money, didn’t it?” – BBC

We think this interview is worth a watch. Some of the details of how you are being spied on may surprise you. For instance, some of the technologies used to spy on your phone are named after Smurfs. Yes, you heard correct – SMURFS.smurf spy

“these technologies are very disturbing; each one is built to spy on you in a different way:

  • “Dreamy Smurf”: lets the phone be powered on and off
  • “Nosey Smurf”:lets spies turn the microphone on and listen in on users, even if the phone itself is turned off
  • “Tracker Smurf”:a geo-location tool which allows [GCHQ] to follow you with a greater precision than you would get from the typical triangulation of cellphone towers.
  • “Paranoid Smurf”: hides the fact that it has taken control of the phone. The tool will stop people from recognising that the phone has been tampered with if it is taken in for a service, for instance.” – BBC Snowden Interview

And there are things you can do to prevent this. Immediate things you can do to make yourself more private:

  • Change your privacy settings so that your phone is not allowing tracking
  • Turn the phone off when not in use.
  • Purchase a cell phone case that blocks signals, when not in use (like a block-it pocket).
  • Add a password to your phone.
  • Don’t let others use your phone and don’t leave the phone where others might access it.
  • Download privacy apps for your phone that allow for encryption.

YouTube Documentary:

snowden interview Anniversary: 2 Years Of Privacy and Free VPN Link

January 2016 marks the 2 year anniversary of writing about privacy and security issues. 2 year anniversary privacyliving

Even though it’s our birthday, we’d like to give you a small gift: information about privacy improvement. So here it is. Information on VPNs that are free.

7 Free VPN services that protect your privacy

What Is A Virtual Private Network?

“A VPN allows you to connect your machine to a virtual network which in turn encrypts the data you send, hiding everything from the public domain. A good VPN will keep no records of your browsing history, meaning you’re essentially an anonymous user.”

Note: the article on VPN is a little dated, but it should get you started on the right path…


Easy Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglary

As the United States and other countries watch their middle class deflate into a poor class, as thousands of Americans find themselves without jobs and as times get tougher, desperation has become a reality for many people. And as people become desperate to have an income or even feed themselves and their family, they may be more tempted to do something illegal, like steal. I’m not trying to make excuses for criminals; I’m simply sharing the reality of a bad situation – even good people are capable of evil when push comes to shove.

Home security

Home Invasion Protection

So what can you do to protect your family, assets and your home as the American Empire declines and the American Dream deflates? We at have several suggestions, many of which are logical, simple and free.

  1. Don’t be flashy. Minimize the showy jewelry, cars and other things that might make people think that you have tons of money they can steal.
  2. Don’t drive a flashy, luxury car – especially something shiny and new. Criminals assume that people who like to spend money, have money – even if they potential victim is in debt up to their eye balls.
  3. Simplify the outside of your home. Keep the yard simple, keep anything that would attract thieves locked up, or in the back yard out of site – like tools, toys, etc.
  4. Keep your doors locked. Lots of people think it’s ok to leave them open or unlocked. This is a mistake and the “in” that a criminal thief is looking for.
  5. Don’t brag about expensive items like jewelry, guns, sporting toys (like kayaks, atvs, etc.) or having cash at home to anyone. If someone over hears or someone jokes about it to the wrong person, you may be inviting a home invasion that could endanger your family.
  6. Don’t share information on Facebook or other social media about family plans or your whereabouts. Thieves now use social media to determine the best time for break ins.

Stay alert. Stand out on the street and look at your home, pretending that you are a thief. What would you be looking for if you were a thief?

Locked Doors, Fences and Privacy Signs

There are 3 things you should know to maximize your privacy at home. Whether you live in an apartment, house or shack, you have rights. And law enforcement or government representatives generally do not have the right to enter your home (with some exceptions).

Putting up a good façade is a good start. And I don’t mean doing anything illegal. It is widely known that there are loopholes and outs in the legal system, and you need to know where those lie to maximize the privacy and security of your castle.

Here at, we have 3 general rules for protecting your home from those who are not welcome:

  1. Lock your door, and don’t open it unless law enforcement has a warrant.
  2. Keep your fences up and the gates locked, creating a barrier between your property and the outside world.
  3. Post signage around your home and property letting outsiders know that trespassing is prohibited and that the premises are considered private property.
locked gate ranch

A locked gate and a fence creates a barrier for prying government types.

Most of these suggestions may seem trivial and simplistic. After all, there are more advanced things people can do to maximize security: building walls, installing security cameras and alarm systems, etc. But the average man or woman has the law working for him or her, if they choose to take advantage of it. For example, when police, code enforcement officers, etc. come to your door you don’t have to open the door (unless they have a warrant to search the property).

If code enforcement or other government representatives encounter a locked gate and fenced property, they cannot enter the property to conduct investigations or search.

Putting up signs also makes it clear to anyone who visits the property that the property has been established as a private property and no one is allowed without permission. Common examples of effective signage might read “Private Property: Keep Out” or “Posted: No Trespassing”.

no trespassing

Signage discourages burglars and establishes boundaries.

Again, all these actions seem simple, but they all count toward the private property defense in a US court of law. And they cannot be ignored by law enforcement or governmental representatives who enforce Federal, state and local law.

Top 5 Privacy Gifts to Give this Christmas

This Christmas you could do the usual and buy a bunch of Chinese import junk for your family and friends. This is just par for the course. You show up at the party with a gift for everyone. You know, a tie for dad, some costume jewelry for mom and lead contaminated choke hazard or two for the young children. You’re good to go and you made it another year of satisfying the Hallmark tradition and not drawing attention to yourself as a Scrooge. In my opinion it’s a symptom of slavery.

It’s up to you but this year if you would like to be an adult you may want to step to the plate and give some actual useful gifts this year. But I must warn you: if you take any of my suggestions you may walk away from the Christmas party feeling like you actually gave a present your friends and family will use and appreciate. You may also feel good about the money you spent rather than the usual guilt hangover felt around December 26th each year!

So here’s my best suggestions for the privacy seeker in your circle of people.

  1. Of Course I am going to suggest the best book on the market for privacy: “Disappear in 24 Hours” by Lonn E. Wolfenstein. Get it on the privacyliving website by clicking “products”. This eBook is well worth it at $39.95 but I am going to give you a new link where you can buy it right now on sale for $17.95. Just click here This is a great tool to have on hand if you need to get out of the limelight quick or if you just want some great tips on privacy. The info is all packed into this very informative book.disappear in 24 hours
  2. Silver Bullion: I love silver and it’s a really great gift. There are some people on my list that get silver coins from me every year. This works great for children who get too many toys anyway. If you buy them silver every year, by the time they are adults they will have a good backup savings for a currency collapse.
  3. Drones: This is actually a hot item this year, so good luck getting a quality one. Drones work great for counter surveillance and just a good time all together. Just remember that the privacy of the actual film taken is in question. Check the Go Pro camera scandal a couple of years back.
  4. Lifestraw: I’m not sure what’s more amazing: This little miracle item that can allow you to drink clean water from a polluted stream or the fact that many people still don’t know this item even exists. It’s a really great affordable item that provides the most important nutritional element to human life: water. Great for anyone on the go….or on the run!lifestraw
  5. Guns and Ammo: This doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive gift if you don’t want it to be. Just find out what weapon your recipient already has and get them some ammo. If you want to go all out then get them a gun you think would benefit them. Nothing complements privacy as well as a well defended home. “A strong man armed guarding his estate will not see his possessions disturbed” Luke 11:21

Pay With Cash

When it comes to financial transactions in the privacy world, cash is king! Cash allows you to maintain your privacy when checks and credit cards can leave a long paper trail for all the wrong bad guys to follow.

cash envelope 

Reasons to use Cash:

No. 1: Cash is not traceable. It’s a uniform currency that everyone has and everyone should use.

No. 2: Keeps you out of debt. If you don’t use a credit card (money you don’t have), then you are only buy things with the real money in your hand. When you don’t have the money, you don’t buy anything. It’s that simple. And debt is just another way to be tracked!

No. 3: No online transactions. You can’t use greenbacks to buy stuff on

No. 4: U.S. Dollars are accepted almost everywhere in the world. If you find yourself needing to depart to another country quickly, you can take your dollars along and not worry about exchange or acceptability.

No. 5: Less Risk of Identity Theft. If you are not using checks and credit cards, no one can steal your data.

No.6: Provides More Freedom. Cash gives you the freedom to buy/purchase anywhere it is accepted, which is pretty much everywhere – unlike some bank/credit cards and checks.

No. 7. negotiate a better deal. When you are holding the cash, you can negotiate a better deal. Cash holds power!