Secure Phone Messaging App

There are dozens of messaging apps for iPhone and Android, but one in particular continues to stand out in the crowd. Signal is easy to use, works on both iOS and Android, and encrypts communications so that only the sender and recipient can decipher them. –

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Mass Shooting Survival Guide

Here’s some great information on what to do when in an Active Shooter scenario. No one likes to think about this happening to them, but we should all be prepared for any situation….

How to Provide

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Mass Shooting Survival Guide

It seems that the term “Active Shooter” is now a common and unfortunate term in our society.  Madmen and terrorists have taken active shooter survival guideadvantage of our open and trusting society, twisting our 2nd amendment rights for their perverted intent on causing murder and mayhem with mass shootings.  Where will this lead our society?  Now more than ever, law abiding citizens need to stay vigilant and be prepared to protect themselves and their families.

The four things you must consider in an Active Shooter scenario:

1.  GET OUT!!!

Keep your Situational Awareness (SA) and find an exit – Try not to draw attention to yourself.  Don’t move to an exit where the shooter is focused on.  Look for a window, door, primary and alternate, tertiary routes out.  If you are with someone you know, take charge!!!  Lead them away from the danger.


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A Picture Of The Dystopian Future? A Clockwork Orange

“The film [A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick – 1972], like the book, depicts a dystopian future filled with “ultra-violence,” gangs of “droogs” and depravity at every turn. The four main characters — including McDowell’s lead character Alex — spend their free time in a bar where they drink drug-laced milk in preparation for an evening filled with violence, mayhem and even rape.” – Daily News Article 2016

Is this where our future in America is headed? We hope not. orange kubrick